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  1. Cascade

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Can I ask why you regret it? I have lived in London for 25yrs and my hubby and I are planning on moving to Oz. He’s not from there and our kids range from 8-13yrs. We are happy in the uk but have a good opportunity to head back and if we don’t go now we prob won’t do it. Worried about the kids settling in though. Worried about regretting going / not going!!
  2. Cascade

    Moving with kids to Mackay

    I think that in so many ways it’s a no brainer moving to Oz. I’m from Oz originally and my hubby is a dr and has job in Mackay. And yeah have been imagining that being the case re the weather but ultimately it’s cold here for 6mths of the year and we’re inside with central heating. There has been lots of good things about living here but life is def different as a family, working flat out, an hour plus commute each way on the tube etc which sort of limits the access to what is great about living here. I do think you’re right kids are adaptable and ultimately it will be good for them to have to deal with a change. It’s really reassuring to hear your view on kids from this neck of the woods settling in and being happy. I feel really positive about moving to Mackay. I do have my moments though when I see the kids happy with their friends etc and wonder if it’s right for them, moving that is. However for us all there’s no qu that family life would be better. Great to hear that Mackay's on the up I have of course scoured the internet and see there is major works on the ring road (?) and there’s lots of positive comments etc on Mackay. Thanks for taking the time to message back
  3. Cascade

    Moving with kids to Mackay

    Thanks so much Eera for your reply. We went out August last year with a view of moving and loved the feel of the place. For me the big plus is family time - before the kids grow up and they fly the nest! It looks ideal for hubby and I and although we will miss some of what’s to offer here we are both working flat out and rarely have time for much else anyway. I feel a bit worried about uprooting the kids when they are happy as they are. I do feel in the long run life will be better for them in Australia, just worried for them with making friends etc. (Their friends seeming such a big factor for them!). Did you move your kids to Mackay? Did u move from the UK? Love the idea of all the outdoors and space for the kids Feel a bit worried about the heat and humidity in summer but tbh it’s been cold and grey since September here. How do you find the climate?
  4. Cascade

    Moving with kids to Mackay

    Hi, we are moving from London to Mackay with kids age ranging from 8-13yrs. My main worry is them settling in, finding friends and being happy. Has anyone any experiences or advice to share? Thanks in advance!