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  1. pb02

    187 RSMS processing time

    Next 2 months it will increase and i hope after that will start to decrease. The reason is lots of people gona apply 187 in feb and march because new rules are coming in march.
  2. pb02

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Processing time again increased 17-19 months [emoji17]
  3. pb02


    Feeling sad for u, why not u ring immigration.
  4. pb02

    187 Visa Processing Time

    No invitation for cook or chef in last 2 rounds. Every where is Waiting game[emoji17].
  5. pb02

    Hepatitis B detected, now what to do.

    My doctor is saying I don’t need any treatment because virus is not active in my body . It was active (I was unaware of it) now result came negative (HapBsag is negative) my body heals its own but I don’t know what gona happen in future.
  6. Hello everyone, I am very stressed because Hepatits B detected in my body. I am living in australia from last 5 years. After long struggle I applied permanent residency 8 months ago and i am scared for my medical clearance. Please help me what to do? Any one have any experince or anyone can give me any information or some advice. I am sharing report. Thanks HepBsag negative Hepbsab detected HBsab level 372 miu/ml HepB coreAb detected Hep B eAb detected HepA-IGM Negative Report says evidence of previous Hep B infection . But No evidence of current acute or chronic Hepatits Infection. S GGT 155 U/L S ALT 98 U/L