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    Applying for RRV onshore on visit

    Thanks for your response "Marisawright' I thought they preferred online applications now but if you can still go into the office and apply, I'll maybe do that.
  2. Sheila2018

    Applying for RRV onshore on visit

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help with some advice about RRV. Our situation at the moment is we we're granted a one year RRV last year which runs out March 2018, and even though we have had a year to get sorted due to circumstances we need more time. Son is going before RRV expires and staying with family. We were thinking of going for a few weeks before RRV expires and applying for another RRV onshore. My question is: How long dose an onshore RRV take to be granted? (assuming it does), I did find something saying it was about a week but I can't find where I got this number from again. Will applying onshore make a difference if we are only there for a few weeks or will they see it as an offshore application? Thanks in advance