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  1. MeneerE

    AGOS 40 Form

    hello Richard, At the moment we have a supplement which basically covers the general course outline. However, I do think we can get the more detailed version. Thanks for the tip! Regards, Emil!
  2. MeneerE

    AGOS 40 Form

    Will do! Thank you for the reply
  3. MeneerE

    AGOS 40 Form

    Hello all, Currently I am also gathering the required documents for the AHPRA. However, I have a slightly different problem with the 8 criterions as stated by the AHPRA. Since I have done my bachelor of nursing in the Netherlands, it creates a whole set of new challenges. therefore, I was wondering if it is possible for @PsychNurse or other kind readers to sent me your transcripts and course outline of you university? This way I can compare them with my Dutch uni documentation. Thanks so much in advance! Regards, Emil.