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  1. Illustration or art teacher

    Mines was a little different as my son does know his biological father BUT he has no parental rights due to the year my son was born . So all immigration wanted off of me was a form 1129 and a short statement . Nothing more asked .
  2. Illustration or art teacher

    Amber , I don’t know what to reply. I this it’s a delicate subject and unless it’s something you need to know inside out ( like I did ) then it’s easy to misconstrue. My cousin is a immigration lawyer and he agreed with what I said , but I’m no moderator. Its stressful trying to explain what I was total literally 5 weeks ago , It’s not even the posters main point she’s trying to get answers too.
  3. Illustration or art teacher

    Oh **** yes people may have gotten confused over that, Sorry all !! sorry if I was getting a bit heated there , All I was trying to get across was I applied for my partner visa with a dependant that is not my husbands . Mad I’m the only person with parental responsibility I did not need to seek permission from his biological dad . This poster states that her her daughters father has never been part of her life , Nor is he on her birth certificate which would lead me to believe she has to do what I done . Fill in form 1229 ( consent for a visa to be granted to a minor ) and that’s that. No permission needed from anyone else as in the eyes of the law she’s the only person who is responsible for her child . ( no expert but that’s what I was personally advised by the service centre , My case officer asked for a brief statement explaining why I was the only person with parental responsibility , that was that ) permant reaidence for me and and my son within four weeks . Again I apologise Marisa and stormy for the confusion I may have caused.
  4. Illustration or art teacher

    Different father from what I read her say in the comments . Anyway , I’m not here to argue with anyone , this site helped me tremendously. I was tagged in this post , I can only try and help her with the information I was provided by the service station. I was tagged due to also begin Scottish and our parental laws being different to the rest of the UK. I wish her well
  5. Illustration or art teacher

    The father doesn’t have PR to give permission for a visa grant . I apologie if I’m wrong
  6. Illustration or art teacher

    forgive me but if he’s not on the birth certificate , who’s to say she knows who the father is ( I’m using This as an example ) . Therefore she couldn’t permission anyway . My understand was that ANYONE with parental responsibility has to give permission for visa to be granted to a child under 18 years , filling in form I filled in form 1229 , Explained why I was the only person with PR in a short seperate statement . permanent residence granted in 4weeks , March 2018. As I said I’m no expert but I don’t see how permission from a non residential parent , who is not on the birth certificate is going to be achieved . Id be interested on the legal answer to this question , I’ll follow and see what comes out of it .
  7. Illustration or art teacher

    She doesn’t need fathers permission , he’s not on BC
  8. Illustration or art teacher

    As far as I’m aware of the childs father is not on the birth certificate , In Scotland he has no PR ! I’ll double check this but I’m pretty certain . The parental right act wont apply to this user as her daughter was born after 2006 but I think she is ok I’m not a professional so please double check
  9. Illustration or art teacher

    Thanks amber sorry I haven’t been on I’ll have a look above and see if I can help out
  10. Partner309/100

    Hi all , I applied in the Uk February 2018 and it only took four weeks , front loaded to get my 100 PR , BUT The change in the wording from assessment in progress to further assessment happened at the beginning of Feb . Mines done it too . Im sorry but I’m sure it’s just because of the system update . Good luck everyone
  11. Partner Visa need agent?

    Simo , again just to add , I applied for citizenship by decent for my two youngest babies in November 2017, that was granted within 10 days . Just a point to note , I didn’t think I’d be able to process my visa without my babies having there Australian passports but as they weren’t actually included in the app , You can go ahead without them ( I did fly to London though and apply for them at a later date , just waiting on them coming). That was on the 20th of this month . When you do make that trip the tourist sights are actually very close by the embassy , may as well make the most of the day lol.
  12. Partner Visa need agent?

    Hi there Simo, i can’t tell you either way to get an agent or not. That is a personal choice, but I applied for my 309/100 on the 15th of Feb 2018 and it was granted on the 16th of March 2018 , Four weeks all up and I was granted PR status. Im from Scotland and my husband is Australian , We have two biological children and my oldest son , we have been married just over two years . Even being de facto , I think you have a pretty strong case and following the application slowly step by step , I don’t think you would need an agent . I didn’t use one but I had previously done my husbands Uk spouse application in 2015. Just research everything . Reach out if I can help the people on this site were unbelievably helpful to me and I’ll forever be in debt to them.
  13. Stepchild and rights

    Thank you for your reply Amber . Yes my oldest son is dying to get out there . My husbands family own 180 acre property so the kids can run wild . We live in the central belt of Scotland just now and tbh I would trust them being outside. It’s sad. When did you make the move and did you settle well ?
  14. Partner Visa 820 Approved

    Congratulations! My offshore PR was approved in 4 weeks . We are very lucky I’ve seen people on this site who have waited 12 months plus .
  15. Stepchild and rights

    Hi Ali , yes we have thought about it but I think the process would be quit long . We are leaving Scotland at the end of June to move to Australia so I’m not sure if it can even be done outside the U.K . As I stress , biological father has no rights at all and has no intention of doing anything about it . I may give a couple of lawyers a call and see what my best option is.