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  1. S52 immi request for more info

    Application was preloaded with uk and Aus Police checks and also Medicals
  2. S52 immi request for more info

    Hey all so I submitted the information I was asked for and my application is now on “ application being processed “ The checklist wasn’t auto generated as the person who sent it, has replied to an email another user sent him . So within the last 4 days I’ve paid , submitted , received and application in progress . Is this normal ??
  3. S52 immi request for more info

    I'm sort of uploading just now. stupid printer took a funny turn lol. Medicals are nothing to stress over . It is all this " Do I know the right document stress".
  4. S52 immi request for more info

    they already know I have done my medicals and also my police checks for both countries. Who knows I'm now trying to be as thorough and quick as possible.
  5. S52 immi request for more info

    ok I didn't know if it was a " someone has looked at this and seen stuff missing " or if I was a bog standard. I was just worrying because they asked a few specific questions I didn't think would be picked up by an auto mail. I feel a bit more settled now. Sods law my printer just started playing funny buggers.
  6. Evening / morning all. So I took the plunge and applied for our partner visa last night online, But the time I was done it was 02:30am . I thought I will upload all the documentation today as it will take ages. I received an email on immi account ( s52 ) WITH A VERY SPECIFIC CHECKLIST). saying the info was needed to process ur application. I'm doing it all as we speak , I have it all here, but can anyone confirm if this is just a standard mail from them? I have gave myself a fright and trying to do it all quick as possible now even though it said reply within 28days. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Photos / Card Pdf evidence

    We have joint bank accounts, It is unfortunately a prepayment meter for electricity in this flat , So no bill as such , but I do have a letter addressed to us both from the electric provider advising us of the new instillation day for the updated meter . As for car insurance it is in my name as it was cheaper just to add my husband as a named driver ( Again not being British they wanted to charge us a fortune to put car in his name ). The insurance and road tax does come out of the joint account however. We do have both driver licence at this address. My expression of wish from my work place has my husband as beneficiary on it. virgin media only allows one persons name on the bill but he has a sim that comes off that account. It is hard when certain companies only allow one name on an account.
  8. Photos / Card Pdf evidence

    He has also been in the Uk on a spouse visa for the last two years.
  9. Photos / Card Pdf evidence

    Thank you sniffer and Marisa. My husband is just doing his statement now .. So I ha Well we live in a local authority property In Scotland and because he if from outside the EU, The housing officer actually said he has no rights what so ever to be named on my lease. He did however provide me a letter when I was applying for his spouse visa. Outlining that he was allowed to live in my property as my husband but he wasn't allowed to be on the tenancy agreement . I hope this is enough because I can't provide what I legally don't have , We do have a joint bank account for over two years. Been married over two years , have two biological children so I think you guys are right I think I'm overthinking every tiny thing. Guess I'm just nervous. can I also just say your help , patience with my questions and encouragement means a lot.
  10. Photos / Card Pdf evidence

    Oh really that little . I think I’m trying to provide too much. I went on and started the application the other night ( before the site froze , I wasn’t happy ) . Then I noticed it asks you to provide the four main catigories into smaller boxes . I provided all that evidence in my statement . Should I use these boxes to provide hard facts and keep the emotional stuff for the letter . i thought I had it all in hand because i already done a uk spouse visa and I keep second guessing myself now .
  11. Photos / Card Pdf evidence

    Hey all I’m just looking for a guide point . Im just going through my photos : cards that I’ll be adding as part of our social aspect of the 309 Visa, we have our wedding in Aus and our blessing in Scotland / trip to Australia / babies births I’m just not sure what an acceptable number is . I don’t want to overload but we’ve had a few significant events happen in the last four years :-s
  12. HELP with 40sp form

    Hi Ozzie , Thank you so much for the reply , I must admit it was certainly a little confidence boost reading it. Yes we got my husbands parents to fill out a 888 form stating we will live there and they will cover our financial aspects till we secure jobs. Also regarding the work situation although I work in a contact centre, I have done for 10 years now dealing with Traffic Scotland. Are you Scottish if you don't mind me asking ? Scotland has given me more than it will ever take away , I think the farm and the lifestyle is better for the kids though. The Uk in general is going right downhill just now it is depressing. I'm filling out my relationship history just now and I feel like I'm adding too much. We've been together since 2014, have three kids (two biological ) We were married in 2015 in Aus but had a blessing in Scotland also. There has been sooo much happen I feel like I'm writing scrolls but I don't know what to trim out. I know I have got this , It is just because it is going the opposite way I don't know why I'm extra nervous lol.
  13. HELP with 40sp form

    I'm not sure where you are based but we are in Scotland just now. Scotland has given me more than it has ever taken away BUT it is going to the dogs and with all this brexit stuff going on, I just don't want to bring my kids up here. Me and the kids are all British Citizens so that's ok lol. On a side note and I won't double questions up in future and if I'm not allowed then I apologise in advance, but do all sponsors have to fill in a Form 80? It isn't a issue but I didn't know if it was compulsory.
  14. HELP with 40sp form

    Hi there , Thank you for your comments. In relation to him staying here for a further 2,5 years None of us want this , That's why we have chosen to go the other way. Also in relation to my other son, I live in Scotland and I am the only parent with parental responsibility so his other parent doesn't actually have to sign or agree to anything. (not that there is an issue with that anyway but just pointing it out ). Scots law states" any child who was born before May 2006 and their parents were not married, Sole parental responsibility goes to the mother unless the father takes her to court and obtains these rights at any time there after."
  15. HELP with 40sp form

    Thank you kindly for your response. I think I keep reading and reading other peoples posts and scaring myself out of pressing submit. My husband is Australian and lived in Glasgow the last two years , To say he wants home is an understatement.