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  1. MrsShields12


    Just to round this off, my husbands medicare was still running so added the full family onto that . thank you everyone
  2. MrsShields12


    Sorry had kids awake all bloody night( jet lag ) hes been living in Scotland with us for four years so we have all just came back to Australia .
  3. MrsShields12


    Hey all ! So we made the big move and arrived three days ago in NSW as permanent residents. Filling in our Medicare application and I’m a bit stumped on if I should be applying with my husband and two you g children ( Aussie residents ) as me and my oldest son only have Permanent Residency . I don’t know if I should fill in a different form ? Can someone help ?
  4. MrsShields12

    Estranged child medical check for visa 189/190

    Ok I stand corrected . I can only apologise, looking at the notes then it is possibly correct they do need a medical . Speak to migration expert about the matter thoughas you are estranged. Sorry for the miss information .
  5. MrsShields12

    U.K. application time frame

    My husbands visa runs out for Britain on the 1st of August and we don’t really want to wait another 2.5year for him to be able to apply for citizenship for here. Si striking whilst the iron is hot so to speak. A little nervous but I’m sure it will be ok.
  6. MrsShields12

    U.K. application time frame

    Applied 16th Feb 2018 ( front loaded ) request for more Docs 17th Feb ( hadn’t uploaded any supporting docs as I thought I had ages ) Sub class 100 granted 15th March 2018! Married 2 years 2 dependant children 1 child from previous relationship attached to my application . No agent used. Good Luck all , I fly out to Sydney 28th June this year x
  7. MrsShields12

    309 partner visa - panic

    I applied for my partner visa in Feb 2018 , Me and my husband have been married for just over two years and have two biological children. I done my partner visa online ( without an agent, they are very useful though ) . I front loaded with my medicals and police checks. I was granted my partner visa subclass 100 ( straight away ) in 4weeks exactly . I didn’t find any of it particularly difficult , The members on this site were invaluable for early information . Good Luck
  8. Again as the above poster said , everyone’s statements will be different lengths as nobody’s relationship is the same . Mines personally was six pages , my husband five , both typed. Spanning 3 years ( trip to Aus , our wedding and births of our two children ) . Good luck x
  9. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    Mines was a little different as my son does know his biological father BUT he has no parental rights due to the year my son was born . So all immigration wanted off of me was a form 1129 and a short statement . Nothing more asked .
  10. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    Amber , I don’t know what to reply. I this it’s a delicate subject and unless it’s something you need to know inside out ( like I did ) then it’s easy to misconstrue. My cousin is a immigration lawyer and he agreed with what I said , but I’m no moderator. Its stressful trying to explain what I was total literally 5 weeks ago , It’s not even the posters main point she’s trying to get answers too.
  11. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    Oh **** yes people may have gotten confused over that, Sorry all !! sorry if I was getting a bit heated there , All I was trying to get across was I applied for my partner visa with a dependant that is not my husbands . Mad I’m the only person with parental responsibility I did not need to seek permission from his biological dad . This poster states that her her daughters father has never been part of her life , Nor is he on her birth certificate which would lead me to believe she has to do what I done . Fill in form 1229 ( consent for a visa to be granted to a minor ) and that’s that. No permission needed from anyone else as in the eyes of the law she’s the only person who is responsible for her child . ( no expert but that’s what I was personally advised by the service centre , My case officer asked for a brief statement explaining why I was the only person with parental responsibility , that was that ) permant reaidence for me and and my son within four weeks . Again I apologise Marisa and stormy for the confusion I may have caused.
  12. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    Different father from what I read her say in the comments . Anyway , I’m not here to argue with anyone , this site helped me tremendously. I was tagged in this post , I can only try and help her with the information I was provided by the service station. I was tagged due to also begin Scottish and our parental laws being different to the rest of the UK. I wish her well
  13. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    The father doesn’t have PR to give permission for a visa grant . I apologie if I’m wrong
  14. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    forgive me but if he’s not on the birth certificate , who’s to say she knows who the father is ( I’m using This as an example ) . Therefore she couldn’t permission anyway . My understand was that ANYONE with parental responsibility has to give permission for visa to be granted to a child under 18 years , filling in form I filled in form 1229 , Explained why I was the only person with PR in a short seperate statement . permanent residence granted in 4weeks , March 2018. As I said I’m no expert but I don’t see how permission from a non residential parent , who is not on the birth certificate is going to be achieved . Id be interested on the legal answer to this question , I’ll follow and see what comes out of it .
  15. MrsShields12

    Illustration or art teacher

    She doesn’t need fathers permission , he’s not on BC