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  1. Shipping to Melbourne

    Thanks Matt that would be great. We have kind of borrowed / acquired a lot of our current furniture in anticipation of the move and my partner has basically a full kitchen in terms of appliances and cutlery store at his dads house as he never sold it them when he moves here. I think we will only need 1 maybe 2 pallets.
  2. Thats interesting you got your 100 on the same day. Can i ask if that came on a separate email or on the same one as your 309? As far as i can tel from reading what i got they have only granted me the 309 How long have you been in your relationship?
  3. Shipping to Melbourne

    Another question regarding this topic does anyone have any suggestions on what shipping company to use. We will only have 1 - 2 standard pallets to send mainly containing clothing and electrical items, we have decided not to take things like sofa or bed.
  4. You assume correct. Both police checks, medical, Bank statements with highlighted transactions, joint travel docs, marriage cert, cards, etc We did provide a lot of information.
  5. Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Our visa got approved today!! Applied 28th Jan Approved 21st Feb
  6. Sure I (applicant) am a UK citizen born and bread. My partner is an Australian Citizen born and bread. Both 28 Been together since 2014 when we met in Australia (I was on working holiday) When my working holiday ended he came back to the UK with me as my 457 sponsorship visa was only a 50/50 chance of being approved. Lived together in the UK since March 15 got married (Civil partnership) October 2016 Applied for 309 / 100 28th Jan 18 Approved 21st Feb 18 I got no email / notification of a case officer, the application didn't change from the day it was submitted until it was approved. I got a confirmation email saying the visa had been granted and the status on the IMMI account changed to 'Finalized' Anymore questions fire away, i'm Happy to answer.
  7. Just to give an update. Applied 28th Jan 2018 (From the UK) Approved 21st Feb 2018 Less than 4 Weeks !! So exited for the move!!!
  8. MY VISA GOT GRANTED TODAY!!!!! Applied 28th Jan 2018 Its taken less than 4 weeks!!! OMG so exited !!!
  9. I don't know. seems 50/50 as to weather people are doing them before they are asked or waiting until they are requested for. I did my medical and police checks before reading anything on the forums I may have waited if I had read here first, although saying that after reading on here the UK applications seem to be processed before 12 months so the medicals and police checks shouldn't expire but i suppose you cant really bank on that. Although i'm hoping they are!
  10. Working Holiday

    I used seek and found a job in Melbourne in around 2 weeks (That was in June though) My friend who i was traveling with found a job in 1 day. He is a mechanic and walked into all the garages handing out his CV and one (Mazda) called him back for an interview and offered him a job that day. I think it depends what you want to do, what qualifications you have and what part of the country you are in.
  11. Was meaning the OP's I sent my medical and both police checks off the week after i submitted so they wouldn't need to ask me for those anyway.
  12. Out of curiosity it would be interesting to know your situation. We applied at the end of Jan 18. Aussie / UK Civil partnership applying from the UK been together over 3 years and not herd anything. Although no news could be good news as they may not require any additional information.
  13. Another question i have regarding the visa (didn't think it was worth a new thread) On the Immi website when I log on and go to the 'My applications summary' page. My application is down as 'Received' in bold letters. Whereas my partners (who is the sponsor) his part of the application still says 'Submitted' again in bold letters. I am wondering if this is right or have we not properly sent part of the application. Probably nothing to worry about but its bugging me and trying to make sure everything is perfect.
  14. Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Great to know that the recent applications are still moving quite quickly. We submitted on the 28th Jan :-)
  15. Dependent Child

    A VERY Risky option but i know a lot of people who have done it (i was offered it myself but due to the risk i decided to wait and go down the partner route as that was a more secure option). She could get a working holiday visa for 12 months, find work while she is over there and try to get sponsorship on a 457 to stay on. Like is said very risky and would defiantly NOT be a preferred option but it is an option that I know can work out if the person involved wants it enough.