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  1. J-J

    Insurance when moving

    Thanks, I did look at this but the claim amounts don't cover enough.
  2. Not sure if this is really in the right thread..... I was wondering if anyone knew any insurance companies that would provide long term 'travel' insurance for luggage (contents) and medical while getting settled in Australia? Realistically we expect if to be a few months before we get jobs and our own place in Aus so in the mean time will be staying with family and friends who have kindly offered to put us up. We will have a lot of valuables on us (laptops, Ipads, Mobiles, Jewelry etc) that probably wont be covered on our friends house insurance plus there is the medical aspect. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  3. I agree, i initially got work via Seek but then 2 jobs after that were word of mouth and through a friend. Someone once told me that in Australia it can be more who you know that what you know unfortunately. Although I guess that could be said for a lot for places.
  4. J-J

    UK plug removal??

    Thanks for your reply. Once we are settled we will look at Fox tel as i'm an F! nerd and that's the only way to watch over there. Another question kind of the same topic is will an Xbox work over there? I'm guessing if its not connected to online then it should but how about online services?
  5. J-J

    UK plug removal??

    We are planning on getting Fox tel when we are there i'm guessing this would remove the problem altogether?
  6. J-J

    UK plug removal??

    Kind of off topic a little but didn't think it required a new thread.... Been ask by some of the removal companies who we are getting quotes off if we are sure our T.V.s will work in Australia. Has anyone herd of UK TVs not working over in Australia?
  7. J-J

    Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

    Agreed. I don't think there are many differences between the two.
  8. J-J

    Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

    Also if you are a smoker you soon won't be if you do move........
  9. J-J

    Well folks it's decision time..Do it?

    I would agree with a lot of posts on here Oz has its pros and cons. Personally I love the place and can't wait to move but there will be a lot of this I will miss (Like a £40 flight to Spain, a £2.75 pint of beer, probably a cold Christmas although i haven't had a hot one yet). It all depends on your personal situation for us it's the right time to go and we want a change.
  10. Back in 2014 when In was backpacking my friend who I was traveling with was looking for a job as a motor mechanic, he walked into all the major car dealerships in Melbourne handed out his CV and got 2 job offers that same day (eventually got work with Mazda). I don't know if things have changed since then but he does keep in touch with the manger there and he always says if he ever wanted to go back the option is there (granted he doesn't have 3 children). I don't believe he had anything more than a BTEC in motor mechanics and was a qualified MOT tester but they really liked English mechanics (I don't fully know the reason why). Your situation is totally different of course and a lot more costly with visas, I think my friend was bringing home about $1800 per fortnight he did do overtime though on Saturdays. Hope this information is helpful in some way.
  11. J-J

    Investing In Business

    If the partners of the business were to come over and work in the business could they be sponsored through it? Or would they need the specific skills for that (for example as a chef) ?
  12. Hi all I am asking this question for some friends who are a couple. They own successful Bars over in the UK but would like to set one up in Australia. The grand plan is that Myself and my partner (who by then will hopefully be settled in Australia) will go into business with them in equal shares and get the business up and running. I have trawled the various websites and it seems a bit vague as to what visa they would be looking at if they have an invested interest in Australia or if there even is a visa that they could apply for and more importantly get granted. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. J-J


    Has anyone used Anglo Pacific for shipping to Australia? They seem good and on the ball and were reasonable with their Quote. We are only shipping boxes, no furniture ? ?
  14. J-J

    100 GRANTED

    I know i'm stressing about selling things haha but We just couldn't wait, my husband has to give 3 months notice at work (and they have a department in Melbourne so a transfer is possible but not certain so didn't want to piss them off and just leave) so he resigned a day after the visa came through so leaving end of May. He has been sending money back to Aus all the time he has been here and has used transfer wise. I think they charge you 2 (pound) per transfer weather its 100 or 1000 your sending over. Depending how much money you have to move i believe there are better ones for larger amounts. Transfer wise does get it to Aus within about 2-3 days usually
  15. J-J

    100 GRANTED

    Haha exactly the same for us! We would have to stay until 2020 at least and I couldn't do it, we may regret t in the future but for now its the right thing to go. Yes that's really good !