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  1. Nasyr

    489 Visa Gang

    Hi guys. Sorry for sharing the good news bit late. I got my grant on 13th of April. Here is my timeline. EOI lodged : 9th Sept, 2017 Sponsorship application : 9th Sept, 2017 Sponsorship approved : 9th Oct, 2017 Invitation received : 12th Oct, 2017 CO first contact : 14th Dec, 2017 CO second contact : 30th Jan, 2018 CO third contact : 28th March, 2018. Visa Grant : 13th April, 2018.
  2. Nasyr

    489 Visa Gang

    Thanks for your reply Sreeja. I applied on 3rd Nov, 2017. CO contacted me on 13th Jan for additional documents. Still waiting for the grant. But its alright with me because I'm on shore.
  3. Nasyr

    489 Visa Gang

    Congratulations. Can you please share your timeline??
  4. Nasyr

    489 Visa Gang

    I applied my Visa on 3rd Nov, 2017. CO contacted me on 14th Dec, 2017 and asked to upload few documents. And here I am waiting for my grant till now. But I'm living in Melbourne and on my bridging visa already. Hope to get a grant soon.