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  1. Manly/Northern Beaches Meet up

    Hey! We’re from the Peak District. Near Buxton How long have you been over for?
  2. UK couple moved to Sydney

    We’re from Manchester (well 15 miles from Manchester) it’s been tough tbh as we don’t really know anyone and find it difficult to meet others.. my aunt lives here at least. We’re 28/29 we’ll have to meet up for a drink or something 👍🏻
  3. UK couple moved to Sydney

    Heyyy were in manly! How you getting on meeting new people?
  4. UK couple moved to Sydney

    Hey! we’re in the same boat we’ve found it hard to meet people! Where are you guys based?
  5. Hi guys, my girlfriend and I have been living in Manly for the past 6 months and have found it difficult meeting new people! We’re from the North west of England. Anyone else in the same situation?