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  1. Bojan

    Scientist on 189

    Thanks very much for the reply, I really appreciate. Does that mean that all the occupations on the short term list are eligible for 190 visa, as R&D manager is on this list and missing from MLTSSL? Unfortunately, Life Scientist has been removed from both lists. Cheers.
  2. Bojan

    Scientist on 189

    Actually she is a registered agent, I don’t know why I wrote that she was a solicitor...
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for accepting me into the group. I am looking to emigrate to Australia. I am a biological scientist and I am not sure whether my profession would be on the long-term list and if I would be eligible for 189 independent permanent visa. The two professions that I thought would match my skills are Life Scientist (General) and University Lecturer. I am quite confused as these skills appear on the combined list on the home affairs website but not on the list I found on the Federal Register of Legislation website. I even consulted a solicitor, but she wasn’t very good either so I’m kinda stuck so I’d appreciate any info. Thanks in advance. Bojan