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  1. Ignore this part, I thought I was edging onto the "Within the last 10 years" time frame but actually I have at least a year and half until this becomes an issue.
  2. Hi, I have been a creaper on the forums for a while now but I cant seem to find any information to verify what I am trying to do and hope someone can help! Me and my partner are applying for skilled migration through me as a Systems Analyst (she is a marketing specialist but thats not on the list anymore) I previously held a 457 as a Systems Analyst until last year when family sickness meant we had to come home, we now want to go back with a skilled visa(PR.) The biggest problem I have is my age and lack of any formal qualification, I can lose 8 years of my experience via an ACS RPL skills assessment as I will still obtain points for 5-7 years experience in the UK (I have 13 years 5 months in the UK total) and 1-2 years in Australia. However, I really need ACS to award points for a qualification (10) to get the 70 required for Systems Analyst. My points are below: Age 35 - 25 English (superior) - 20 (still need to take the test) Experience outside Aus 5-7 years (With 8 years deducted by ACS) - 10 Experience in Aus 1-2 years - 5 Qualifications - ? 10 ? I have looked into a company called SkillsSelect who can provide me with a Australian Diploma in Information Technology via RPL based on my experience, will ACS allow this to be used for qualification points? As the diploma will be post experience, should I submit it with the skills assessment and they will use the 8 years as well as also approve the diploma for use as qualification points OR should I be submitting the diploma separately? I have an ALevel(2001) in Information Technology and an MCTS certificate from Microsoft(June 2013) but I am told these cannot be counted for either the ACS skills assessment or for the qualification points does anyone have experience with this? I am not currently working but if I dont get an invitation in the next 5 months I will need to start working again to keep the points. How do I get that experience verified as it wont be on my skills assessment? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance if anyone can help!