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  1. AussieBeth10

    Hervey Bay and surrounds

    just refreshing the topic if that's alright. Our backgrounds are in the police force and the justice system, and I am also a marriage celebrant. I am unsure which route to go down yet job wise, perhaps just a total career change (working on the humpback whale boats perhaps!?) I wondered if there were any HB based people here?
  2. AussieBeth10

    Other types of visas? - Just want to make sure!

    Thank you all. This is very helpful. While we're waiting for the funds to send off the application I will get cracking with compiling as much evidence as I can about the last decade we've been together. I plan on submitting as much evidence as I can, going back as far as I can. Am I right in saying they ask for this evidence AFTER we've paid the fee, because I can't see it on the immi application page. Also, I've just submitted our 2nd daughter's citizenship by descent application - wish us luck! the first one came through just fine so I'm hopeful for no problems ?
  3. AussieBeth10

    Other types of visas? - Just want to make sure!

    Thank you ?
  4. AussieBeth10

    Other types of visas? - Just want to make sure!

    Thank you both. Very helpful advice. Beffers - your situation is similar to ours, only I'm the Aussie and he's the Englishman. Our girls are dual nationals. We've been together for 13 years. So it appears we will stick with the 309 visa and get it sent off as soon as we come up with the funding. The form has not asked me for any proof of finances/mortgage/family life etc like people have mentioned, I've not had to attach any documents to the application - only fill out sections regarding our home/money/relationship/social circumstances. I hope I'm not missing something! How did it all go for you once you arrived?
  5. Hello there! In short, on the immi account we have filled out the 27 pages of the 'Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)' and will submit the application once we find $7,000 (or £4,000)...I was just wondering two things... 1. is it worth hiring a migration agent to double check this is all accurate? and/or 2. is there a different type of visa my husband could arrive on and stay indefinitely? I am an Australian and British citizen, as are both our daughters (born in UK, with Australian citizenship by descent). My husband is a police detective and although I know he'll have to start all over again when we move there, does the fact that he's in law enforcement help at all? I am presuming this is the best visa to go for as we plan on staying indefinitely but I wanted to make sure and hear your views/advice. Thank you ? PS: I also started posting a while ago about this move but put things on hold and I am now looking into it all again as we hope to arrive Jan 2020.
  6. AussieBeth10

    previous relationships

    I wondered this too. I had a boyfriend for a year before I met my husband. this was 14 years ago, not sure it's worth including on the application as we did not live together or share any finances?
  7. AussieBeth10

    Getting a Job Before you Land

    Thank you, very helpful OP - so sorry to tread on your post!!! Hopefully the advice has been helpful
  8. AussieBeth10

    Getting a Job Before you Land

    Just curious, what line of work do you do and did it pay off making the courtesy calls? I'm also looking to try and source a job interview or two before I land. I work in the law/justice world.
  9. AussieBeth10

    Help! Stuck in Dubai visa denied to re-enter Aus

    Intrigued...is there an update to this? I hope you got it sorted. Fingers crossed for ya buddy.
  10. AussieBeth10

    Is this realistic? 18 months away...

    Thank you ahh yes, we always pay our financial advisor, we've used the same one twice now for different things and she's always been very helpful and we've come out on top. In other news...we've decided to wait until Jan 2020 to go back to Oz now...reason being because there's still so much for us to do/see here in the UK. Plus we'd have saved more money by then. I want to thank you all so much for your advice. No doubt i'll be making other posts in the future about best place to relocate etc/houses etc.
  11. AussieBeth10

    Is this realistic? 18 months away...

    Thank you to all of you for this exceptional advise. Looks like it's a bit split so I think the best way forward is to go to the financial advisor and get her thoughts. I know it may seem a bit of a rush, but I want to go home so bad! If it's possible i'd like to explore the options. Has anyone abroad had any trouble buying/renting a house in Australia? We're looking at the North Brisbane area. Thankfully my parents rent out property so we may go with one of their properties initially, with the idea of buying a house in the first year. My husband is looking to apply to the police force over there (he's a DC here in the UK). I hope to work in the justice system or local government.
  12. AussieBeth10

    Is this realistic? 18 months away...

    Thanks for the reply Grey Sky. If it were up to me I would complete all ties also and just take the equity. We've had the house valued and we got it for £175k and now it's worth around the £240k mark so not too bad. The husband isn't so keen to part with it though and thinks the rental would be a good money maker eventually. I've heard the taxes are insane for landlords living abroad so it's put me right off. It's also worth noting that our area is about to start a seriously huge property build basically over the road so i figure the sooner we sell our house the better - before it dwindles in price!
  13. Hello, i was on here under another username but it's locked because it's been so long since I used it and I lost the password. Anyway hello! I am an Australian citizen and so are my two daughters(they are citizens by descent).I've been living in the UK my entire adult life since I was 18 - I am 34 now. My husband (their father), is a British national and we're looking to get his permanent residency visa sorted so we can all move there. Ideally we'd like to remortgage our house here in the UK and take £50k out and rent it out while we start a new life in Australia. I guess what I want to know is if it's possible to do it in this time frame!? We have plans to see a financial advisor but I'd like to know if anyone has any advice or input? Thanks.