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  1. jayrich89

    Mechanical engineer HND foundation degree

    Thanks mate appreciate the advice I’ll get onto their site and take a look
  2. Evening all, I am starting my HND foundation degree in mechanical engineering alongside a level 4 NVQ next month with the hope that it will put me in a good position to progress into an engineering career in Victoria Australia. Are there any engineers on here who could give some good careers advice to somebody wanting to climb the ladder in Aussie engineering? More to the point what level of job should I be hoping to obtain with the HND level qualifications. I want to be looking into jobs well in advance but am not sure at what level they will give me the time of day. Graduate schemes etc. I am currently a Quality inspector for a large international company producing industrial gas turbine and Aero engine components, at the time of emigration I will have around 10 years experience within an engineering background. I will hopefully have Status metrology CMM qualifications also. Any help will be much appreciated
  3. Thanks for your opinions and advice guys, even if we wanted to get to oz ASAP we've realised it's not possible for us as we weren't expecting the visa process to cost quite so much but it is what it is. I currently work for an Aero/industrial turbine company in the Uk so I will be gaining more experience and qualifications whilst completing my degree so it's a win win with the experience/qualifications debate. Our plan is to save our asses off this year, and start our application at the end of this year, by the time it's all accepted etc I will be midway through my HND, then a flying visit to Perth in winter to activate our visas and stay with a friend free of charge for a couple weeks to keep the cost down. Then just save save save in the UK until I've finished my HND. Then it's all systems go Obviously the skills list etc could change in the next 12 months but we don't have a choice in that short of a lottery win ?
  4. jayrich89

    189/190 cost breakdown

    I would assume an agency as big as this would be reliable but would anybody like to confirm that this looks accurate?? I had the TRA skills assessment down as $1000AUD so the $2360AUD they stated is a big difference. Also the visa application price seems pretty high but I know Aus Gov aren't the cheapest ?
  5. jayrich89

    189/190 cost breakdown

    G'day all, I've been in talks with with an emigration advisor regarding applying for a 190 visa based on my metal fabricator qualifications and experience (322311) . Although we're not ready to emigrate yet as I have to finish a degree and we don't have the funds for a big move....the advisor is recommending we still apply asap then enter the country on a holiday to validate the visa. I considered this an option as we have friends in oz so could get cheap flights around may for £1500 return for myself my partner and young baby then just stay with friend to keep it cheap. However.....my last contact with the advisor came with a bit of a shock that the whole visa process was going to cost us around £8500 for myself, my partner and a child less than 2 years old. These are a few costs as far as I could see from google searches 190 skilled visa-- 3670 AUD-- £2080 TRA skills assessment-- 1000 AUD- £570 police check-- £45pp---- £90 Medical check-- £300pp---£600 Could anyone shed light on the costs of the visa process with a breakdown if possible Thanks
  6. I understand what you're saying, it's a very stressful decision to make ha, I've been stressing myself out thinking about it for the last few months but I think I've reached the right decision, if I was to move now just because my skill is currently on the list I would be sacrificing career progression and ultimately making life a lot more difficult for myself and my family. As much as we both know that Australia is our home, I can't rush going there with a child and not being able to secure a good job, id rather be here knowing I've tried my best to better our future, than in Oz thinking we've acted rashly and ultimately not ended up with the standard of life we were moving to Oz for in the first place. It's only another 4 years, if my skill isn't on the list anymore then we'll try NZ as that's where my heart really is....just unfortunately the money isn't there ?
  7. Thanks very much for the advice, I'll have a look into some agencies too. I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and hold off on the big move until I've completed my degree to give me the edge on finding a decent job
  8. Thanks for the reply, although I said I work within an aero company, a lot of the work I do is industrial energy component repairs....however, being in the quality inspection side of the company it is adaptable within the engineering industry, any sort of factory based production that involves quality inspection such as automotive etc. If I was to complete me foundation mechanical engineering degree here then it would open up a wide range of engineering fields to apply for, I'm leaning towards that but I just get worried it'll only get harder to obtain visas for oz. A couple of companies I have come across on a brief search are Aecom and Downer, anybody have experience with them?? Or even better, have secured employment from abroad with them??
  9. Hello all, Forgive me if this has been asked before but my searches weren't bringing up much in my field....... Long and short......I want to secure work before emigrating to Victoria or WA, doesn't have to be engineering, just any company that recruit from UK to OZ and pay average or better wages to feed the kids ......also will i be eligible for a student loan to help achieve my mechanical engineering degree or do companies in OZ often fund employees to obtain higher educations like they do in the UK..........Carry on reading I am currently working as a Quality inspector at an International Aerospace/ industrial energy company in the UK and am qualified to a British level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship standard. We predominantly work with Rolls Royce combustion components and directly deal with International companies such as Trans Canada Turbines, Siemens, Rolls Wood Group, Leonardo Helicopters and many more. (you could probably skip this part....but get to know us) Myself(29), my partner(28 and a qualified hairdresser) and our (unborn as of yet) son have started our skilled migrant residency application for Australia recently, our advisor has said everything looks strong so we have our fingers crossed for the whole process. We have both lived in Australia previously for two years on working holiday visas and met whilst living in New Zealand before (rashly and probably regrettably) returning to the UK. My plan was to achieve my foundation level degree (level 5 HND) in mechanical engineering in the UK then return to Australia to live in Geelong VIC. However due to visas becoming harder to obtain through stricter criteria, along with the fact that we just really don't like the British way of life anymore and miss Australia and New Zealand like crazy, we are thinking of following through with our application based on my current status and Emigrating within 2 years. SO.................... My two queries are....... Does anybody have experience or knowledge in any engineering industries/companies that often recruit employees from the UK to move to OZ?? I currently work for a company that deals with customers such as Rolls Royce, Trans Canada Turbines, Siemens, GE Aviation and many more, so i am more than capable of taking on anything that is thrown my way as I am a very self motivated learner. If i am accepted on my skilled migrant residency visa, does anybody know if I would be eligible for any type of student loan or grant to achieve a work based mechanical engineering degree part time whilst still working as I will need to support the family. My company in the UK, and most other big companies, fund employees to complete higher education to progress to higher positions within the company, therefore benefitting both employer and employee, is this something that employers do in OZ?? I would apply for the position at my current company but I don't really want to tie into the UK for another 5 years which is one of the conditions of the position offered. Sorry if this is a bit vague but hopefully somebody can impart some useful knowledge