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  1. Thanks. When the visa took only 3 months to process, how long did it say on the actual website that you would have to wait? Last month the website said 21-24 months and now it’s saying 14-16 months which is a real long time. Thanks, Rachel
  2. Thank you. How long did it take to come through or are you still waiting? ta, raRa
  3. Hi - I am an Australian Citizen living in the UK. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married 10 and with 2 children who are also Australian Citizens. I am just about to apply for our offshore partner visa and I don’t know whether to pay for a Migration agent to check through my evidence, or whether the Immi account website is really helpful once you pay the $7,160. I would hate to attempt it on my own and get rejected on the grounds that my evidence isn’t good enough. However, I’ve scanned in; Bank statements, some Utility bills, all our ID, all our tenancy agreements and mortgage documents, cards sent to us, travel documents, photos, Facebook screenshots, our photography website, tickets to gigs, invites. Is the Immi account straight forward once you pay the fees and start uploading your evidence and how can you feel secure that you’ve lodged enough? Thanks, Rachel
  4. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Thank you. And do you know if you can work on it? Ta
  5. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Hi Westly Russell, Thank you so much for your very helpful post. I’ve thought about this option before but the ETA tourist visa from the UK is valid for 3 months so if we were to then lodge the application visa, do we get some kind of bridging visa that my husband can work on as this is absolutely imperative, and how long would it take for them to issue the bridging visa? Do you get it on the spot at the Immigration office? I’d have to be clear on all this because when you have 2 young children, you can’t really take big risks. Many thanks and I would be hugely grateful if you could help me with the above. Kindest Regards, Rachel
  6. Thanks for your help. I thought they were all processed in Oz. 2 years is a long time to wait and a lot can happen in that time. Mmmmmm.
  7. Hi - I was just about to finalise gathering my evidence together before lodging my offshore 309 partner migration provisional visa and I couldn’t believe the current processing times - 21-26 months. Is this really the case? Could this change and get less? Also, does anyone know when the knew process will kick in when the Sponser needs to be approved first before you submit the partner migration form? Thanks
  8. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Lodged my Citizenship application for my boys today! Thanks y’all!
  9. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Well, thank you for clarifying things for me. Phew, it looks positive again. I should have found out what the word ‘naturalised’ meant. The only other thing I hope is ok is the fact that I lived in Australia between 1999 and 2006 and not exactly 2 years prior to the application. We are planning to go back though. Thank you SO much for clearing this up for me. ra
  10. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Hi, i’m just reading these forms and I don’t think my kids would be eligible because I got my residency/Citizenship through a previous de facto relationship and I wasn’t born in Australia. Damn.
  11. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Thank you SO much. I wasn’t born in Australia but I lived their between 2000 and 2006. I shall pursue this now at The High Commission. Thank you once again.
  12. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Hi - thanks to everyone for all your help. I was getting quite excited that the kids could get Citizenship automatically because their Mum is a Citizen but i’ve not lived in Australia since 2006 and i’m British and the kids were born in the UK within the last 5 years. So I thought it sounded too good to be true. Oh well. More forms. more money. Thank you.
  13. TheKeetons

    Bridging visas in Australia

    I am a British lady but I have my Australian Citizenship. I thought I would have to be an Australian by decent to get my children Australian Citizenship? If I can get them a passport, do I go to the Australian High Commission in London for this? Ta, Ra