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  1. Jen3103

    Shipping boxer dog

    Thank you for taking your time to reply. It’s always helpful to hear from people who have made this huge decision. There is so many factors to take in consideration and like you said factors you never even thought of it. You poor doggy lost a lot of weight so quickly- hopefully she gained it back once she had settled and found her feet as a single dog. Its such a scary process for them - being away from loved ones for 2 weeks and in a strange place. I wish I could switch places with my dog and do it for her xx
  2. Jen3103

    Anmac Professional reference

    I would guess it would have to be - so that they can confirm and reflect on your up to date competencies and professional behaviour as well as your employment dates.
  3. Jen3103

    Anmac Professional reference

    I’m sure I’ve read that you can ask a senior nurse to do your reference so you could ask charge nurse/sister to do a reference if your a band 5. Good luck
  4. Jen3103

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    I had the initial consultation back in November and I completed the PTE three times before I committed to the next stage with them. I wanted superior and was advised (gently but heavily by them) that I needed superior English to secure the best chance of being successful with 189 visa. They have asked for heaps of information from me and I’ve sent it all their way - references, personal statements from me and my partner about our relationship plus 2 more statements from friends/family, every single pay slip since qualifying as a nurse, my P60s, ANNAC skills assessment, AHPRA letters and evidence that proves me and my partner are together for genuine reasons (mortgage document, joint bank accounts, life insurance, photographs showing the years together) They submitted my EOI 2 weeks ago for 189 with 75 points for menta health nurse, when I called them last week with a concern they were absolutely fantastic.
  5. Jen3103

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    I’m also using Immigration2oz and they went through my history with a fine tooth to ensure that everything meets the standards required. It didn’t raise any red flags with me and so far I’m happy with the service. Migration agents who I contacted who were recommended on here still haven’t got back to me. go with your gut, if it doesn’t seem right don’t go with them but if you feel more secure paying for a detailed check then your mind is already made up. good luck with whatever choice you make
  6. Jen3103

    Pearson Test Help!

    I found Pearson’s books useful - buy a second hand one off amazon for a fraction of the price good luck - it took me three attempts
  7. Jen3103

    Applying for a job

    @ali could you please offer any advice on how to address the selection criteria as a U.K. nurse when applying for jobs. It seems that’s permanent MH nursing jobs are few and far between at the minute x
  8. Jen3103

    Expression of interest

    I’m currently going through the process for a 189 visa and I’ve gone with Immigration2oz and so far I’m really pleased with them. They've been really responsive to my emails. I contacted some migration agents recommended on here and didn’t hear back from them. Good Luck
  9. Jen3103

    Honest opinions of nursing in Oz

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to this post, it’s greatly appreciated. I feel so worn out by the NHS at the minute and I know in my heart it’s only the tip of the iceberg and that only in a couple of years the pressure will be even worse. I’m really keen to give nursing a good shot in Australia and hope that the risk of emigrating pays off. I lnow that nursing isn’t a bed of roses and I’m not blinkered in that sense but the thought of carrying on in nursing in the NHS brings me a sense of dread. It’s reassuring to hear that VIC have safe staffing numbers, that’s a really good safeguard in place. Sorry to hear that a family member of yours had such a poor experience with the NHS @BusbyBoo it’s heartbreaking as no nurse wants to hear stories like this when they try so hard every single hour at work but it’s out of the hands of the staff on the shop floors. Sounds like I’ve got some work cut out with getting my head around abbreviations and drug names.
  10. Hi, would people be willing to share their experiences of nursing in Oz and how different or similar this truly is nursing in the UK? I imagine getting your head around the different drugs is hard work at first
  11. Jen3103

    Shipping boxer dog

    I've heard really good things about Petair, but not heard a lot about Jetpets so will look into them. We spoke to Petair last year at the down under centre and they seemed really professional, I was initially surprised at the cost but you're more likely to get a kidney off me then me leaving without my dog so the cost has already been factored in to the cost of emigrating. If i only I could travel with her I'd be much more reassured. Luckily she's a really placid dog so I don't think she will be overly stressed by it. I read the same story and i started to question the whole process for her - its truly tragic and I believe very preventable. Does anyone know how much contact pets have with humans whilst in quarantine? is it just staff going in to check during feeding times and investigations only or do they get checked on every couple of hours to ensure their safe and well? Thanks for taking your time to reply
  12. Jen3103

    Shipping boxer dog

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I’ve done lots of research but just worry so much about the process for her plus you read the odd horror story which doesn’t help my anxiety. Id much prefer to listen to people’s honest experience as the thought of leaving her in England makes me want to put my plans to emirate on hold. I’m glad to hear the process was smooth for your dog, like you said they probably have a more comfortable journey than us. I wasn’t aware they stayed in air conditioned facilities in Dubai- that’s good to hear as I was worried about how she would cope in the heat with a stop off. Many thanks x
  13. Jen3103

    PG DIp in Nursing

    Great update lbaker, I got through ahpra and ANMAC with a PG Dip no problems so don’t let it stop you. Started off the process in April 2018 and took around 8 months in total!
  14. Jen3103

    Shipping boxer dog

    Hi all, I was just wondering if people would share their (brutally) honest experience of shipping their dogs over to Oz from England. We have an almost 7 year old boxer dog who I could not dream of leaving her here but I’m getting really anxious just thinking about her journey and the quarantine period. please share.... both good and bad experiences x