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  1. Best of luck to you also. Have you already obtained state sponsorship?
  2. I don't know. Happy to wait the 15 weeks so long as the outcome is positive .
  3. That's great news, congratulations! One less thing to worry about. I've just noticed SA have increased their average processing time to 10-15 weeks for applications submitted after 1st July!!! If I had hair on my head I would have pulled it out by now .
  4. Jonno1981

    STSOL Meaning

    My understanding is that the Australian Government produce the "master" list of occupations that are eligible (both for MLTSSL and STSOL), then the states pick from that to produce their own sponsored list to fill perceived local skill shortages.
  5. Jonno1981

    STSOL Meaning

    Occupations on the STSOL are eligible for a permanent visa subclass 190, but require state sponsorship. Also subclass 489, state sponsored and provisional though does have a clear pathway to the permanent subclass 887 visa after 2 years.
  6. It appears they have filled the planning level for my nominated occupation already as it is now also special conditions apply (current minimum 80 points required). It took many months for that to happen last year, this year a matter of days!!! We only have 75 points, but luckily SA have confirmed to my MA they will honour the 65 points required at the time we submitted our application. Have you sat your English test? If not, might be worth doing that whilst you wait for your skills assessment result (assuming you are sure of a positive skills assessment). That would save some time and enable you to submit your EOI/state sponsorship application earlier.
  7. I wonder if the new 65 point minimum is causing an influx of SS applications for SA? Or is this part of a normal cycle? Not many nominated occupations have changed to "low availability" like mine. Either there was a high number of applicants or a reduced quota this year?
  8. Hi all, Thought it might be useful to those of us going for South Australia state sponsorship to compare notes and timelines. Average processing time is stated as being 9-10 weeks. Our migration agent has said applicant numbers are high so this time frame could well extend. Despite technical glitches with South Australia's online system we have lodged our application today for subclass 489 state sponsorship (75 points incl. SS). We were having problems adding in all the employment details so South Australia advised us to submit anyway and forward the remaining items separately. The demand for my nominated occupation must be quite high as it's status has already changed to "low availability" less than a week after the list was released!!! It took months last year. Fingers crossed and best of luck.
  9. Jonno1981

    489 SA Application

    My migration agent has said they are having the same poblem with my application. They informed SA about the issue yesterday.
  10. Jonno1981

    Anybody else "bricking it"?

    New list has been published on SA's website. Nominated occupation is still on so hopefully my MA will submit an application soon.
  11. Jonno1981

    Anybody else "bricking it"?

    Hopefully we should know the new list for South Australia by the end of this week.
  12. Jonno1981

    Increased points requirement for skilled visas

    Wow, I had no idea the dates would be so relaxed!!! I assumed the respective list's would be released all together on 1st July. Massive anti-climax to say the least!!! Hey ho, what's a few more weeks of stress and anxiety in the greater scheme of things .
  13. Jonno1981

    Increased points requirement for skilled visas

    Thanks Alan, Do we have an idea when the changes will be published? Best regards Jonathan
  14. Jonno1981

    Increased points requirement for skilled visas

    Hi Alan, Do you know when we can expect to see the occupation lists updated on both the Australian and state government websites? I was expecting to see changes on the 1st July, but it appears neither have been updated as of the 2nd?
  15. Jonno1981

    Anybody else "bricking it"?

    I've also submitted an EOI a couple of weeks back. However, my occupation is on the short term list, so focusing on a 190. It all rests on South Australia renewing the quota and lowering the threshold back to normal. Best of luck to you for next week.