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  1. Congratulations!!! If you’ve received an invite for 189 then no state nomination required, simply apply for the 189. My occupation is Lab Manager, invite was immediately after I got state sponsorship for the 489.
  2. We got state sponsorship and submitted 489 visa application 31st October. Front loaded form 80’s and most police checks. Still need a Philippine NBI police check for my wife (first week in December). Also having to organise specialist medical reports for my wife before we can book a date for the medicals, hopefully January.
  3. Hopefully not too long to wait now @Tobymuller. Good luck.
  4. Jonno1981

    PTE Practice vs Real Test

    I agree with @JetBlast. You’ve clearly sussed the methodology and should see similar results in the actual test. I was talking absolute gibberish in parts of my test, but the trick is to keep going regardless making sure your gibberish is grammatically correct, flows without hesitation, and follows a recognised format.
  5. Jonno1981

    190 Tasmania

    That is pretty much the same approach we are taking. Our 489 visa was lodged 31st October with all UK and Oz police checks, but we have yet to include a Philippine police check for my wife, which we will get 1st week in December. The earliest we will get our medicals done is also 1st week in December as we are waiting on a medical report for my wife. I don’t think it will delay the process to add your medicals a couple months after lodging so long as it is prior to CO contact because everything will still be there for them to look at once they start reviewing your application. I’m not sure waiting for CO to request medicals is going to delay the process a great deal either, but like you I would prefer the CO to have everything in front of them from the get go.
  6. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    Salamat @wrussell, I’ve just heard back from my MA and they’ve confirmed I need to do as you suggested, just to be on the safe side. I’ve made initial contact with the original consultant cardiologist with a view to generating a specialist medical report tailored to the Australian Government policy guidelines relating to cardiac conditions.
  7. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    If I were to go down the route of professional assessment, who would I need to contact for this?
  8. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    Thank you @wrussell. Not sure how to go about getting a professional assessment? Would this not be covered by the report we have from the original consultant cardiologist?
  9. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    My wife underwent a medical investigation into her heart in June 2012. She used to have occasionally palpitations and we noticed her heart beat seemed slightly irregular on occasions. NHS diagnosed familial sinus node disease resulting in junctional rhythm. No action or treatment was required. It's just something she was born with and does not effect her life in any way. We have a letter from the consultant cardiologist confirming this. Does anyone think this will impact our chances of getting a subclass 489 visa?
  10. MA is lodging my 489 visa application today, police checks and Form 80 included. Holding back on the medicals until asked for them by the CO.
  11. Jonno1981

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Haven’t they gone up? I thought they were 7 and 9 months before?
  12. Jonno1981

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Great news, congratulations.
  13. Jonno1981

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Congratulations @Jimbo.
  14. Jonno1981

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Hi @Deepak, 139913 Laboratory Manager, 75 points including state sponsorship.