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  1. Thanks Jon. My wife uses group chats on Messenger to keep in touch with her friends. They use it all the time to arrange get togethers. Just a thought.
  2. I’ve never used WhatsApp, but I’ve sent you a friend request on FB.
  3. I think it’s the right decision. Hope you find a buyer fast. Our conveyencer called today to say they’re expecting contracts to be exchanged on our property next week or the week after. I’ve requested a 2 week delay from exchange to completion, which should be enough time to get John Mason’s in. It’s manic round ours at the moment. Boxing stuff up to ship, selling items we don’t want to take, and throwing crap we’ve accumulated over the years (a skip will be required!!!). All this whilst keeping our 3 year old son entertained!!! I’ll hand my notice into work the same day we exchange contracts. I’m supposed to give them a month, but I’m hoping they let me go early as they are aware of my intention to emigrate. So all being well we will be leaving UK late April/early May. The intention is to make a few stops in Europe first for a couple of weeks, then head over to Darwin, hire a car and spend 3-4 weeks travelling down the east coast all the way to Adelaide.
  4. We are looking at renting in Adelaide whilst on the 489 visa, partly because I’m not prepared to commit to a purchase before we have that permanent 887 visa in our hands, but also because the ultimate goal is to relocate to SE Queensland after the 887 visa has been granted. Things may change over the next couple of years and who knows we may end up staying in South Australia after we get permanent residency, but either way I feel renting gives us more flexibility to decide when the time comes.
  5. I wish it was me! Lol.. this was posted by someone else in another thread. Ah sorry, I misunderstood your post.
  6. Congratulations @Renault.
  7. Jonno1981

    Missing Australia like mad

    How have your family been with you moving? I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t created some tension, but it doesn’t change the fact we are going. They will either come to terms with it or not, that’s their choice.
  8. Jonno1981

    Missing Australia like mad

    Ahh amazing ! How old are your little ones ? Will you be trying to get a sponsorship and then try to get residency there ? We are 33 and 35 this year . I think i need to make a plan Our son is 3 now. We have been sponsored by South Australia on a subclass 489 visa (4 year provisional). After 2 years in Australia, we’ll hopefully move onto the subclass 887 permanent visa.
  9. Jonno1981

    Missing Australia like mad

    I first visited Australia in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the country. Ever since I have longed to live there, but like you and many others, family was always the sticking point. However, since having our son in 2016 the focus shifted more towards what I felt was right for own my family (i.e. wife and son). Our visa was granted this week and we'll be heading to Australia very soon. Life is short, make the most of it and follow your dreams.
  10. We used George Lombard Consultancy based in Sydney. I would highly recommend. Great communication via email and when necessary, phone calls. My initial reason for using a MA was to assist in identifying an occupation on the skills list that matched my work experience and qualifications. This was an extremely difficult task as it was like trying to fit a “round peg in a square hole” as George himself put it. I also felt using a MA would offer peace of mind that the process was followed correctly. As it turns out, my wife had a number of medical issues that could of caused complications/delays with our application. The specialist support we got from George and his team in this regard was invaluable. For us, money well spent.
  11. I’ve just been told it’s to do with my wife’s past TB. She’s been given a health issue clearance, which is only valid for 6 months from when she did her medical. She has to enter Australia and get checked out medically within the first 4 weeks. It’s lucky I decided to sell our house when I did otherwise this could’ve resulted in an additional trip over to Australia.
  12. Thanks @leighmarsh151084, Hopefully you’ll hear something soon.
  13. Thanks @JetBlast, For some unknown reason we have to make first entry by 14th June!!!??? I’m going to ask my MA about this as I believe we submitted our initial police check around October/November 2018. Anyway, it doesn’t really affect our plans, which are to hopefully leave UK April/May, travel a bit of Europe for 2-3 weeks, then fly to Darwin. We then intend to hire a car and spend 3-4 weeks travelling through Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and finally South Australia.
  14. I’ve just noticed our first entry date is specified as 14th June 2019!!! I’m pretty sure we didn’t start requesting police/medicals until October/November 2018. I thought we were supposed to get 12 months from date of earliest...??? It doesn’t affect us as we will head over before June anyway, but it’s a good job we sold our house already or we would have had to go on a validation holiday at extra cost.
  15. Thanks @JonandSophietravel, I’ve been extremely lucky with timing.