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  1. samlab


    I just emailed them as suggested but just got this automated response. Part of which stated this .... . May I ask for an update on the progress of my application? If you have an online ImmiAccount, you can check the progress of your application by logging into your account on our website at:www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa/immi Please do not contact the Department by email to enquire about the status of your application. The Department does not provide progress updates. We will contact you or your nominated authorised representative if further information or action is required to progress your application. All applicants for Australian citizenship are considered against the legal and policy requirements for Australian citizenship. How long it takes to complete an application assessment varies from one case to another, depending on individual circumstances. Some applications will take longer to process than others, and it is not possible to provide a specific timeframe for individual applications.
  2. samlab


    Hi, anyone from the Sunny Coast got any updates yet? We applied 17th Dec 2019 and not heard a thing yet
  3. samlab


    Oh well that’s a good sign. Yours has started to progress. No, still nothing for us.
  4. samlab


    @Indianinoz So happy for you. Wear your best clothes and stand tall in front of your computer. Make the whole day a celebration. It’s been a long journey and you deserve to be proud of how far you’ve come. We applied the same time as you but were still waiting for our test.
  5. samlab


    I wasn’t complaining. That’s fair enough given the circumstances. I just wasn’t aware they had officially done that until I read the information on the link.
  6. samlab


    No, but thanks for the information. Looks like tests have been put on hold.
  7. samlab


    Any news yet @GUS? Or anyone else moving forward with their applications on the Sunny Coast? We applied 17th December 2019 and heard nothing since. 
  8. samlab


    Any news yet Gus? Or anyone else moving forward with their applications on the Sunny Coast? We applied 17th December 2019 and heard nothing since.
  9. samlab

    UK State Pension

    @Marisawright Massive thank you. That’s really helpful and has saved me loads of time.
  10. samlab

    UK State Pension

    Please can someone point me in the right direction? We lived & worked in the UK until our early 40s. How do we transfer our UK state pension payments into our Superfund? Please note- We aren’t at pension age yet.
  11. samlab


    That’s good news. I hope so. We applied mid December and still no invite yet. Were on The Sunshine Coast
  12. samlab

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    Most people Airbnb we did.However we viewed and got a rental and moved into a rental within 10 days of landing. Top tip to anymore moving to Australia - NEVER apply for a rental without viewing it first or getting someone who you trust to view it.
  13. samlab

    Moving to Adelaide

    Hi Clare, exciting! Congratulations. Adelaide is lovely. It was the first place we moved to when we first came over. We’re on the Sunshine Coast now but would move back to Adelaide tomorrow if it was just up to me. I would recommend Henley Beach area. It’s beautiful. The public schools in that area are some of the best in Adelaide too. Our son went to Henley High School which is a really sort after public school. A lot of parents do decide to put the children into private schools in Adelaide but that wasn’t an option for us financially. You will also need to consider your commute to work too. The hospital is a 20/25 min drive from there. One thing to consider...Check your husbands work qualifications are valid in South Australia before you arrive so you don’t have any surprises. For some trades they require Australian certification and wont let you work in that role without it. It means taking a course in Australia. Even if you’ve been doing the trade for years in the UK. Plumbers might be ok, I don’t know but I’d check it out.
  14. samlab

    Citizenship application help please

    Found the answer myself. Hope my answers help others. 1, Everyone must apply individually. We’re all adults so not sure about under 16’s 2, Everyone must complete a Form 1195 which involves have a passport photo verified by a professional. ( if I’d of known this I’d of got it done before today)
  15. The days arrived and I can finally complete the application. I’m stuck! Can anyone help? So 3 applicants- completed the first application but before I press the final submit is there a section to add the other 2 applicants from the same Immi account?