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  1. School fees in South Australia on a 457 visa

    OMG, sorry I didn’t know that. We arrived in 2014. That’s going to be so hard for so many people! Our son hasn’t been able to continue his education passed secondary level as he’s classed as an International student and the fees are out of our reach. We’ve applied for PR but we’re on the long wait for processing. The Government are making harder to move here every year.
  2. School fees in South Australia on a 457 visa

    Hi, We arrived on a 457 our son went to a state school, Henley High school in SA for two years. Current fees Henley High School Materials and Services Charges 2018: $760.00 + Subject Charges http://www.henleyhs.sa.edu.au/section/enrolments/fees-charges We also had to buy the uniform, sports uniform and a laptop from the school. They aren’t allowed to use there own. They do allow you to pay monthly or fortnightly too. Lots of people have use payment plans for school fees, uniforms etc if you need them. If you choose a state school you will have to live in the catchment area. Henley Beach was a lovely area to live and the schools are brilliant. I highly recommend that area. I hope to move back there once we’re residents. We moved to QLD and I really regret it.
  3. BVA TAFE QLD Fees?

    Hi, Please can anyone tell me if a BVA holder can study at TAFE QLD as a domestic student , not International student? Ive asked TAFE qld twice. First time they said yes, he’d be classed as domestic. Now couple of months later when I’ve asked they tell me my son would be classed as international student? The visa states permission to study?
  4. Decision Ready Checklist

    Thanks Raul
  5. Sorry to get involved but I’ve just realised my RMA didn’t make the changes I asked her to before lodging our PR application. So currently my National Identity Card number has been lodged on my application as the reference number of my decree absolute and the day I got divorced!!! and our contact number lodged is a number neither us or the RMA recognises! Both of these were pointed out to her prior to lodgement.Also all of the documents have been uploaded under “other documents “ not next to the relevant title. Not all RMA are that good at their job. In my experience. Yet our future’s are in their hands! A lot of people are kept in the dark and just told to wait. Only by checking ourselves on our Immi accounts do these mistakes or concerns arise. So what are the options? Ask another professional? Ask people on here or trust a migration agent that’s made a mistake or three in my case? We’re paying them $4,500 for the privilege too. Tried to contact her, her boss and her assistant and got three out of office replies.
  6. Decision Ready Checklist

    Are these still in use? It is listed for document attachment on the submitted application section of Immi account. I googled what it was and it said .. only for MA to upload and it can cut waiting time down by months! Then read somewhere else they are not in use anymore? Are they still in use?
  7. Status in immi account

    😁🎉 Congratulations! 🎉😁 Were at the start of our long wait! Only been 3 weeks so far 🙄
  8. Bracken Ridge

    Wow a lot of effort went into your post. Just want to point out that all of the pictures are of places to travel to from Bracken Ridge though? Do you have pictures of Bracken Ridge itself?
  9. Mechanic to Newcastle

    Hi Lamby1980, try Gavin at techsonthemove he’s brilliant and based in NSW.
  10. Brisbane Jobs

    Thanks, I am signed up and temping a couple of days a week. Just finding it hard to get a permanent job part time or full time.
  11. Brisbane Jobs

    Hi Is anyone else struggling to find work? I’ve lived in Brisbane for a couple of years and Australia for 4 years. Since being made redundant in November I’ve found it so hard to get another admin/customer service job. I know for sue they get 200+ applicants for most of them advertised on seek.
  12. 186 direct entry scheme please help

    Not at all. I did it easy enough? You just create an account as an individual https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/register
  13. 186 direct entry scheme please help

    Our 186 was lodge this week, Our MA quoted 12-18 months. I thought that was inaccurate. When we imported our application into our immi account it states 8-9 months! Get access to your immi account. If you haven’t got one, register for one and import your application. You can see exactly what’s be lodged, attached and updates.
  14. Nomination approved on 11/08

    Brilliant information😁 I didn’t know that. Thanks
  15. There’s a part on the application that states Applicant agrees to take up the position for at least two years. Our agent has written Yes Does that mean he has to stay with the same company for another 2 years? Or just stay in the same trade?