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  1. samlab

    Agent Cost BVB

    Just to update my post... My bad! We’ll sort of. The MA didn’t clearly write the cost in the email. Total BVB Costs are $250+gst MA fees and $145 lodgement fee, inclusive for 3 of us.
  2. samlab

    Agent Cost BVB

    Hi We’re a family of 3 currently on a BVA and we need to apply for a BVB, were waiting for a 186 visa decision. Our agent has quoted $250+gst per person and $145 fee! That’s almost $1,000 It looks easy enough to complete ourselves Are we being ripped off?
  3. samlab

    Moving from uk to Australia

    Im not disagreeing with you?
  4. samlab

    Moving from uk to Australia

    I agree with the comments from others about getting permanent residency to come here. A 457 has been a pathway for us to get to Australia and weve applied for permanent residency now (were awaiting the outcome) It has all been and still is a bit of a gamble. It was just the best option for us at the time .
  5. samlab

    Moving from uk to Australia

    Timeframe depend on the visa you are applying for and processing times
  6. samlab

    Moving from uk to Australia

    What exactly are they saying the money is for? Alarm bells would ring with me. My husband is A HGV mechanic and we got 457 sponsorship to come out here. It was in 2014 and rules change all the time but ... The company who sponsored him paid for his 457 & agency fees, we only paid for mine and our sons visas. No medicals or police checks we’re required just ticked declaration boxes. We used Gavin at techsonthemove
  7. samlab

    Renting with pets

    @ali WA must be leading the way for Australia That’s good to know. I saw on Qld TV news that they were trying to get the law changed to make every landlord accept pets but tenants would have to pay a pet bond, because a lot of pet owners were having to choose between a roof over their heads or keeping their pets. Nothing’s happened yet but hopefully it will now.
  8. samlab

    Visa process

    Hi Diiii Take a look at th other forum Business Sponsored (186, 187) It’s like asking how long is a piece of string! waiting for this one to be granted. We applied for it in Feb 2018 and status is still saying received. Others have been waiting a lot longer
  9. samlab

    Renting with pets

    Thanks, for reply. I was just curious.
  10. samlab

    Renting with pets

    @rammygirl can I ask ..why didn’t you advertise your property as pet friendly? Your totally right, it does limit renters options.
  11. samlab

    Post query?

    They also write N.A.T.A if the addressee is not at that address
  12. samlab

    Make sure you check Electricity Bills

    I switched my plan to 28% discount on usage if paying by direct debit (didn’t change the electricity company, just the plan) they didn’t apply the discount for the 40 days out of 51billed. Their error and we got refunded $103.01 Definatly work checking your bill
  13. samlab

    Robina or upper coomera

    100% Agree.
  14. samlab

    Renting with pets

    Hi @Jen3103 Take a look on realestate.com.au you can filter properties to “pet friendly” It’s harder than no pets but not impossible. Only apply for properties listed as pet friendly. Be aware that doesn’t always mean INDOOR pets. A lot of Australian’s keep dogs and cats “outside only” Always ask letting agents if “Indoor pets” are allowed, to save you wasting time on viewing applying and getting refused. State indoor dog/cat on the application form too, just to cover yourself. Some agencies have a special pet form to complete. Some just have a few questions and always include a picture of your pet with your application. We haven’t ever paid a pet bond? (We’re on our 4th pet friendly rental -SA & QLD) I’m was recently told by an agent they legally can’t ask for more than a standard bond. They might be allowed to in other states? We don’t have the property professionally cleaned either, our tenancy agreements have stated “cleaned to a professional standard” but no legal clause to have it professionally cleaned ( I’m a good cleaner ) Carpets do have to be professionally cleaned and a receipt attached to exit paperwork. The only thing extra is to pay for when you have indoor pets is flea pest control at the end of the lease. Even if they have never or don’t have fleas. Again a receipt is needed as proof this has been done. Cost for 4 bedroom carpet professionally cleaned and flea control $189 (Were vacating in 3 weeks) Good luck with everything
  15. samlab

    rental required in QLD

    @missA hope it all works out well for you and you get a decent letting agent. Good luck with your move too. I hope you enjoy sunny Queensland and being near your family. Were moving too (again) been in Brisbane for 2 years but moving up to the Sunshine Coast in a couple of weeks, so excited !!!