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  1. alscotoz

    Where to rent in Melbourne

    Look north of the city. North Melbourne, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick, Coburg etc.
  2. alscotoz

    Vote at 16?

    16 yo have as much of a clue as 18yo, have as much of a clue as 20yo...and the beat goes on.
  3. alscotoz

    Moving to far North Queensland (Cook Town)

    You sure that's not the Cooktown Mardi Gras?
  4. alscotoz

    Moving to far North Queensland (Cook Town)

    About 20 years since I've been to Cape York. Stayed for a week. very expensive and unless the roads have been upgraded you can become isolated in the wet season. Nice people though.
  5. Why do Scouse's have their own visa classification? Makes sense, I suppose. Well dodgy
  6. alscotoz

    Aussie weather

    Warm today about 37. Enjoyed sitting outside in the shade reading a book. 40 tomorrow apparently but the good thing is overnight temp will allow decent sleep. FYI bloke from bristol, i was wearing shorts.
  7. alscotoz

    Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    I'm with Aussie Broadband and i don't have any issues with them (and they have an office locally). I would give telstra a wide body-swerve based on previous experience.
  8. alscotoz

    State of the NHS

    My partner's a nurse in Oz. Wouldn't say they're a happy bunch. Unless new to the profession hardly any work full time. Too much BS from bean counters, just want to do their shift and get out. My brother's also a nurse. He's been able to scam the shift system for years and works almost exclusively on night shift...the bean counters don't work then, you see.
  9. alscotoz

    The weather ?

    Thread was going gangbusters until the bloke from bristol stopped giving us updates on what he was wearing to cover his nether regions. You wearing the shorts today or what? Daily updates required, if you don't mind. Actually, bloke from bristol, are you sure you're not one of the 4 yorkshiremen?
  10. alscotoz

    Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    I inherited FTTP when i moved into my new house last year. Previously has ADSL. On a 50/25 plan with Aussie Broadband ( a big selling point was it has an office in the town where I work). Average about 45/20. The big difference for me is drop outs are rare and there is no buffering involved whilst streaming. $75/month for 500gb (only exceeded once) is not bad considering I don't have to pay for landline anymore. It's faster than ADSL but whether it's fast compared to other countries is unknown. Had a mate visit from Scotland and one from HK and they were unimpressed but that was a couple of years ago. At the end of the day, as long as the service is reliable and allow you to do what you want (eg watch netflix and use your smart TV, talk to my mum on viber...for my family), having 25/12, 50/25, 100/50 is irrelevant...except for the price, of course!
  11. You'd be in trouble if you had any more! Still, one's more than enough. Frankston is still affordable, close to the beach but some rough areas.
  12. alscotoz

    Move to london or stay in Melbourne (oz)

    Have a go. I went over with no plan. Saying "grow up" was wrong but TAKE A RISK! Doesn't sound like you have much to lose.
  13. alscotoz

    Move to london or stay in Melbourne (oz)

    30yo? kinell mate had it well out of my system by then. Grow up.
  14. alscotoz

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    Went to one on NYE. Quite enjoyed bbq'ing for the 2 of us.
  15. alscotoz

    Australia's economy is a house of cards

    I used to think saying that was quaint. Now it just bugs the crap out of me!