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    Apply in the UK & wait or Apply in Oz & Wait?

    Snifter, Thanks very much for the help. I'll be applying today.
  2. Manonamission

    Apply in the UK & wait or Apply in Oz & Wait?

    Great, Thanks for your help Snifter. I wasn't sure if they took my passport or not. I don't suppose you know how long I might have to leave for, do you? I don't mind really, as I could have a quick trip to Bali. But that's as long as I get given the notice to leave I assume so they can issue the visa etc?
  3. Hi All, First timer here, so be kind... I'm a UK resident married to an Aussie Wife, we have been together for 9 years or so. Married for 2.5 Years. We have one 18month old little boy, with another one on the way. Due around July. The time has come, and we plan to head back to Aus in December. From what I can see, we will be able to get the kids Aus citizenship by descent, and this shouldn't cost too much, around £230 plus £95 for Additional newborn. I, on the other hand, will have to jump through the usual visa hoops and pay around 7k AUD. The waiting time appears to be around 11 months if applied in the UK and 22months in AUS. I'm interested in advice to see if there's a better way of doing things as if I apply here and don't get my passport or visa back in time for me to fly in December, then I might be better off flying out on a tourist visa, and then applying to stay as such. I would also be interested if anyone knows if there's a cheaper or better way of my doing things, as my wife and two kids i will all be citizens, will they still charge me 7k for the privilege, I thought a while back they use to do free or cheaper visa's if you had young children etc. Any help would be appreciated.