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  1. Uk2oz

    143 and skilled Visa question

    Yes we meet all requirements for the 143 and we are using a mara agent
  2. Uk2oz

    143 and skilled Visa question

    Hi many thanks for your reply .I am 38 and do have lots of experience in certain fields but no qualifications. I can do an apprenticeship and get on the job training which would add to my experience although it would not be post experience. I still have 7 years up to now so I will have to see what happens
  3. Uk2oz

    143 and skilled Visa question

    Hi all we are waiting for 1 document to be signed by a JP and then our 143 Visa will be lodged . I know that the waiting time is now VERY long! I am looking at college courses as I want to gain a qualification. So my question is...... If I were to get fully qualified in a particular field and it were on the mltssl list,would I be able to apply for a skilled Visa whilst already having the 143 Visa in place? I was just thinking that me going to college anyway it might be another added option or is it not possible to apply for another Visa whist already having one lodged? Any answers greatly appreciated :)
  4. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    We have an appointment with our Mara agent in the new year. We are currently in Australia now and if we get time when we're back we will call over and see him as they are in the same town as us
  5. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    I agree, I didn't know that I would be unable to work so we won't be going down that route. We are not wealthy but do own our own home to pay the visa fees and both of our daughters are on very good salaries and one has their own very successful business so the assurance of support side if things would be fine. It's all about the time it will take to get there and not the financial side of things that I'm worrying about
  6. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    I have seen that there is another temporary visa that allows you to stay up to 5 years. Is this something we could do in the meantime and run concurrently with the 143 visa?
  7. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    Hi I am 37 and unskilled and my partner is 53 . We would also be taking our 10 year old son
  8. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    Many thanks for your replies. I'm booked in with the Mara agent in the new year so I will keep you all posted.
  9. Uk2oz

    143 visa payment times help

    Forgot to say we are currently in Bargara visiting our daughters
  10. Hi all myself and my partner and our young son are planning to start the 143 visa process after Christmas with a Mara agent. The Mara agent sent me the following email......Thank you for your email. Based on the information you have now provided it seems that you are potentially eligible to be considered for a Contributory Parent visa. I wish to confirm that our fee of £1200 is charged in three instalments with £400 payable upon the engagement of our services, £400 when your migration application is lodged with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the balance of £400 due when your case is assessed by DHA. The other costs associated with your application are currently as follows: · DHA application lodgement fee - AUD5,155 per couple. · Medicals, X-rays and blood tests - costs can vary but allow £250 per adult as a guide. · UK police checks - £45 per adult. · Assurance of Support - AUD14,000 per couple. · DHA contributory parent visa charge - AUD43,600 per adult........ what I would like to know is the time roughly each payment is due... I know the waiting time is roughly 3 years but could anyone say spread the above payment out over the 3 year period so I have a rough idea when each is due. Thanks for any help received and merry Christmas to all
  11. I have been on the home affairs website and it states that current processing times are between 49 to 55 months. Would it be safe to put in the application as soon as my daughter has her visa visa through and put the house on the market in about 3 to 4 years or is there a chance it could get processed a lot sooner? In which case I wouldn't have the money
  12. Wow that long! It's crazy not knowing exact times as we would need to know when to sell our house to pay the 2nd vac. We are visiting australia again in November for 3 weeks visiting our daughters and grandchildren so we will have a good chat about it then. Forgot to mention 1 daughter has permanent residency and the other daughter although living in australia on and off for 5 years and has an Australian partner and 2 children with him hasn't had her visa granted yet although should be through soon. We can't do anything until both are permanent residents. On the plus side at least we have had some glorious Aussie weather here in the UK!
  13. Hi many thanks for you reply. That does make sense. So that would be in total around 90.000aud or 50.000gbp for 2 adults and 1 child.
  14. Hi I am struggling to understand the process and costs of the 173 to 143 visa. There is myself,my partner and our young son 9years old. We meet all BOF tests etc. Could someone please help with what is paid and when. From what I understand it's first instalment when applying for 173, when would I pay for 2nd instalment? Or is it not paid until we apply for the 143 at the end of the 2 years? I am so confused
  15. Hi everyone Finally spoken with a Mara agent and it looks like we are going down the contributory parent visa route. One thing I didn't ask was does the child in Australia have to have been a resident for 2 years when you lodge your visa application or is it ok to lodge before the 2 years as the current waiting time for the parent visa process is roughly 3 years. We have just spoken to the kids in Australia One daughter has just sent this......I’m on a bridging visa A. I’ve applied for a partner visa. Usually that wouldn’t give permanent residency for 2 years but because we’ve been together almost 6 years and have 2 kids I should skip those 2 years and go straight to permanent resident status. It’s not guaranteed but it’s about 99% likely. I applied 31/12/16...... the other daughter already has permanent residency for 1 year and 5 months. 189 granted in dec 2016 ?,