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  1. Ah makes sense now - a bit different pathway then. Great to see it worked out well for you and your partner.
  2. Thanks for that @ramot. Looks like back in 2017 the queue for 864 wasn't particularly long so it al happened really quickly for you. I understand the waiting period now is about 4 years but most likely will be blowing out significantly by the time today's applicants are processed. Would love to hear from someone has seen a more recent case.
  3. What a treasure trove this thread is for all things Parent Visas - thanks to all the contributors. I have a quick question. When someone applies for 864 (contributory aged parent) visa onshore and they're on a Bridging Visa A, are they asked to get preliminary PCC and Health checks done when they get a queue date in a year or two? I know with 804 visa, they're generally asked to get these done in 12-24 months from the date of application. Wondering if the same thing applies to 864 or they are only asked close to grant of visa, which could be 5-6 years away? Thanks.
  4. Well this visa and its requirements are very simple and mum's case is as straightforward as it gets. The only confusion is about immi account so I was hoping someone who's had experience with such a case might be able to advise
  5. No she does not have a message like that in the messages area of her Immi Account. The only messages there are about a) acknowledgement of application and b) grant of Bridging Visa A. Do you suggest not booking medicals until we receive such a message?
  6. Hi all. My mum has applied for a medical treatment visa while onshore in Australia (she was on a Tourist visa 600). Her Immi account shows a flag next to the visa application and says "Action required - Arrange Health Examinations". But she hasn't received any communication from the department about the Health Examination yet. Should she go ahead and do the health examination or wait for the department to ask for it by email? I checked with a friend well-versed in visa/immi acount matters and he believes this is a system glitch and that we should not bother with a Health Assessment unless the department sends us a communication asking for it? What do my friends at PomsInOz or a helpful migration agent here advise?
  7. Andy_

    870 parents temporary visa

    I'm trying to lodge the sponsorship application for my parent but something in the application form baffles me. On page 25 where they ask for your employment/income details, they ask for your income for "Period ending 30 June 2018". Shouldn't it be "30 June 2019" as that is when the last financial year ended? Has anyone else noticed this? What information did you put in there if you were applying in July 2019 and later? Thanks..
  8. Paul, I meant he has NO "no further stay" condition on the visa so he's allowed to make new applications onshore.
  9. Hi, my friend's father is currently visiting Australia from overseas. He holds a 12-month multiple entry tourist visa with each stay being no longer than 3 months. There is no "No further stay" condition. His first 3-month stay is expiring in 3 weeks and he would like to apply for a new 600 visa hoping to get a 3 year (stay 12 months out of 18) visa. Questions are: Has anyone been able to get a 3-year visa while applying onshore in such circumstances? The main thing is being allowed multiple entries and a 9+ month stay so he can stay here for 12 consecutive months and then go overseas to spend 6 months out. What happens if the new visa application's decision is not received until the end of the current 3-month stay period? Is a bridging visa allocated or is the applicant required to leave Australia as per the conditions of the first visa? Thanks for your help.
  10. That's great news buddy. Many congrats and all the best to you two for your Aussie life.
  11. Your husband staying with you won't be a problem. I was with my wife in Pakistan (she was the applicant) from the day we applied to the day the visa was granted. Average visa processing times are 10-12 months. But the fact that you're pregnant might delay your visa by several months. So be mentally prepared for this 12 months to turn into 18-ish.
  12. Agreed with @Ssalman that technically you don't need anything. However, I would strongly recommend to carry a print-out of the visa grant as you never know what kind of immigration officer you encounter while leaving Pakistan. Best not to give them any excuses.
  13. They might have mentioned your name in the question where they ask what members of the family are not traveling with you to Australia. Even if they didn't, it's very easy to collate this fact from the information they hold about you from your visa application, CNIC numbers, addresses, son-in-law's information, etc. Either way, older people who have strong ties to Pakistan by way of work/property/family are way less risky to them than younger people.
  14. Parents' tourist visa is a whole different ballgame. If there's one visa category where Australia is lenient, it's this case. Having said that, I don't see any harm in trying for a tourist visa yourself. In the worst case, you will lose Rs. 20K and get a rejection. It won't affect your 309 application.