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  1. I like the look of freo, but I want to be a reasonable drunk taxi ride from CBD bars. I'm going crazy now... so much to do, so little time. I've learned red wine helps to decorate...
  2. Slowly slowly. After a few scary hiccups (the company I’ll be working for went silent for a week!) I’m in the final throws of sorting. My UK house is destroyed by me sorting before movers come. I’m giving in an paying a cleaner when I leave. Movers due Tuesday (and of course I’m away tomorrow until Monday), then fly the following Tuesday. I’ll be there by Easter! Anyone know any dirt cheap rent-a-bomb style places in Perth? My lease car won’t be sorted for a week or so, and I don’t want to be bored over Easter stuck in an apartment in South Perth. Scary/excited/terrified...
  3. Thanks Drumbeat. The reality, nerves and emotions have now hit hard... what the hell am I doing? Giving up an amazing group of friends, non-profits I run and am emotionally tied to and aging parents for sun and money... It'll pass. Just started my gardening leave. It's going to be a long month before I jump on the 16 hour flight.
  4. So, Visa arrived in record time - looking to come the week before easter! Seen a cool looking warehouse conversion ion East Perth - what's that area like?
  5. Nomination submitted 8th Feb Questions and request for contract 12th Feb Nomination Approved 14th Feb Visa application submitted 14th Feb Granted 19th Feb. Agent and accredited. I’m in shock! Resigning my job in a few days.
  6. Nomination submitted 8th Feb Questions and request for contract 12th Feb Nomination Approved 14th Feb Visa application to be submitted 15th Feb Accredited sponsor and visa agent doing all paperwork.
  7. Lodged 8/2/18, Agent confident approx 1 week.
  8. Jd295

    457 Query - When can I go to Aus?

    Here’s to hoping. After a month of messing around, HR are writing my contract and I hope to start application on Friday! With my notice period, I aim to move over Easter. I’m told this is doable by my company, saying they usually get them in 2-3 weeks.
  9. Jd295

    457 Query - When can I go to Aus?

    Are they an accredited sponsor who process a lot of 457s? Ask HR to speak to their agent to get a projected timeline from them. They’ll know the companies standing.
  10. Jd295

    457 Query - When can I go to Aus?

    Are you eligible for a working holiday visa? I’m sure others will jump in on if that’s doable. I moved over before with a 4 months contract and a W H visa. That was a while back. I’m currently dancing the HR tango, back and forth on details, delaying my 457 application. They need references before doing a contract, and they keep forgetting time zones and wondering why references aren’t answering the phone at 6am! They are confident for an expedited application (they are accredited and process quite a lot of them), otherwise they’ll need to make a plan for me to work remotely from UK employed in UK temporarily. Never easy!
  11. Jd295

    Best bank

    You can open a westpac account from the UK if you want to have it in place! They have a branch in that there London. I didn’t compare last time I moved, I need the account open for cash immediately. They had my card in the Brisbane branch when I landed and made a PIN on the spot with a magic PIN machine.
  12. I’m pretty sure as a condition of 457, they can’t claim visa costs off you (i.e. you cannot buy a 457). Relocation package is subject to negotiation. If they terminate you or your visa expires, their minimum liability is to fly you home. Your stuff could in theory be stranded if you didn’t have he money to send it back.
  13. Jd295

    457 Visa Priority Processing

    My understanding is that it involved 1) Having an Accredited Sponsor and 2) A business need to process fast. The company can request to the DIBP, which takes a few weeks to get looked at, then it;s sorted in days,
  14. One of the exact reasons I’m taking this job! No more global remit. I’ve been know to have meetings in Peru on a Monday, Zambia Wednesday and England Friday then back to Southern Africa the next Monday. Economy class. Australia’s a long flight, but I’m very used to it!