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  1. Frankie123

    midwife moving to australia

    Thanks for the advice. Im going to get my IELTS under my belt, whether it’s teaching or midwifery I go over as, I’m not bothered either way haha I just want in! My family is over there and I’m sick of the UK :-) It’s a 3 year degree I’ll be starting that will fully qualify me as a midwife. Paperwork doesn’t necessarily phase me, if there’s a will there’s a way. Plus I always have teaching to fall back on (Y) #determined
  2. Frankie123

    midwife moving to australia

    I’m just jumping on this thread I’m currently changing careers, I am a primary school teacher with 5 years experience and have just been accepted on a midwifery course at the uni of Manchester to start next September. I’m hoping to emigrate when I am quialified, just wondering what the process has been like? Can I take the IELTS now and will they still be applicable in 4 or so years time? Is there a time scale on them? Thanks Frankie
  3. Frankie123

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    I just don’t think there is a way of getting this 45 days then :-( I’m checking on like PGCE top ups, but I don’t think England do anything like this :-/ blah!! How frustrating
  4. Frankie123

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Well basically it says to be classed as an SEN teacher you need to have 45 days observed teaching in your profession by a uni. I have the required amount during my PGCE but that’s not specialised in SEN, however I’m doing a masters in SEN and I won’t have the ‘observed teaching’ for my SEN degree. Unless they will accept my Sen degree, so I’m really unsure. Just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat Thanks Kat
  5. Frankie123

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi guys, Just had a read through this thread. Just looking for some advice really. Im currently doing a masters in SEND I have a PGCE primary and worked for 5 years in schools. I will finish my masters in jan and was hoping to be assessed as an SEN teacher. Do I stand a chance at getting the PR visa? thanks kat
  6. Frankie123

    Primary school teacher wanting to emigrate

    Thanks for your post, it’s an SEND teacher i’d be wanting to go over as, which is on the list I’m just unsure if my qualifications would enable me to do so :-/ The assessment site states 45 days observed teaching in a school. I have 120 days observed through my PGCE, but my masters in SEND doesn’t give me any observed lessons. When I did my PGCE there was a focus on SEND and a placement was in a special school however, deffo not 45 days worth. It’s frustrating to say the least :-/
  7. Frankie123

    Primary school teacher wanting to emigrate

    Brilliant, I’ll drop one of their agents an email, if you don’t mind me asking, what sort of cost are we talking? I think going through an agent is the best option tbh as I’m lost in a sea of information haha This agent is based in Manchester, he seemed pretty helpful on the phone when I gave him a call. cheers Frank
  8. Frankie123

    Primary school teacher wanting to emigrate

    Thank you for the info see that’s the thing, as soon as I start a search I see so much comflicting information it’s very difficult to decipher it all. Good idea about the agent, can you recommend any haha? I’ve been in touch with a company called concept Australia. im hoping when I come over in August I can have a look at schools myself too, get a general feel for them and maybe even quiz some of the teachers. :-) Frank x
  9. Frankie123

    Recently Qualified Primary School Teacher

    Hi there also in a similar boat however I have a BAHons in English and a PGCE primary currently doing my SEN masters I thought doing the SEN masters would enable me to apply for a PR visa as an SEN teacher but I’m unsure now? What sort of visas did you lot get in on? I’m coming over in August to visit my brothers one who has PR the other who is emigrating in a few days. I’m not sure where to start visa wise any help please?
  10. Hi guys i’ve read a few threads already about this but just needed some more up to date advice as I’m feeling a little deflated. Basically, I’m a qualified primary school teacher have been for 5 years now. I have just started a masters degree in SEN which will take me a year thereabouts. I was hoping to fulfil the criteria of SEN teacher on the SOL however I’m reading lots of mixed views about certain days needed to be observed from the teacher training in a school etc I have a BAhons in English PGCE primary and just started a SEN masters degree any help will be appreciated about what steps I need to take etc im a little confused and overwhelmed by all the info :-) agent didn’t seem brilliant that I contacted today neither thanks Frankie