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  1. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I strongly believe they read our blogs/posts on popular websites like one we use...and lol on our conditions...:(
  2. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Im in same profession as you, and i got same response last week. But ill keep calling them so they realize how painful it is
  3. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    HEy... I called them today around 3 35pm, and guess what i think the reception closes before 3 30pm though they say 4pm on visa docs. Ill try again tomorrow ,
  4. Child Care Centre Manager

    Thanks Queen
  5. Child Care Room Leader

    Hi Sam How are you? Have you studied CCC here? Can we please have a PM conversation, as I'm in need of above Info. TIA
  6. Good Morning All Any advise or information would be of big help for me. My Cousin overseas in her country got 8years of Child care manager experience and its ongoing, She is now planning to apply for aus Immigration for skilled nominated visa. We read alot on TRA (assessment) site about offshore skilled migration assessment. She is bachelors in science and after that some how she started working for a newly opened CCC 9years ago and promoted within. MY QUESTION IS Would she get any assessment award/points being graduate from science n working in CCC. Though she got very personal n strong reasons to start working in CCC years ago. But can we hope something +ve from TRA???
  7. Hi Sasha, Yes, once you apply for his partner visa , dept will ask for police clearance from every country that you lived in, he got to declare his criminal history, Even if you hide, Dept would find it out, Which will put you in danger too.
  8. Help with Australian Citizenship

    You can check your eligibility on Dept website, As i know of you need to have a total stay of 4 years in Australia to be eligible. or say 3 years of any valid TR visa stay + 1 year as Permanent resident visa = 4yrs
  9. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations to both, When it comes to doctor, university faculties and some high businesses that directly or indirectly benefit Government get their processing Quick. Immi cant challenge universities, or Medical boards etc.. I have seen many many applicants from above who got their PRs in less than 4-5 months with no sponsorship docs asked...Happy for you guys But its Ridiculous that organizations that cant profit Govt/dept gets long waiting hours .
  10. Thanks very Much Raul, Too confused about what to do, Ill think about this for few days and would eventually decide on it.
  11. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I personally called Immi Dept myself, as i cant trust words of any MA; after they apply they dont care anyway. Ihv been told by the officer that my file is yet to get allocated.
  12. Thanks for your response Maggie Im 457 , lodged 186, but 457 would expire soon and emergency events are to coincide with expiry. So i m just wanting the decision on my 186 be it refused or approved
  13. Hi All, Due to some very recent news from my family overseas Im in need to travel for alternate timings , I spoke to my lawyer and stated the same He advised me not to go for Submitting an compelling circ letter to dept, as in that case my file would go to some senior cleric and high chances are he / she would be strict with my application perhaps might reject it too. But i might still go ahead with this as i have no other option (family reason) Can any of you please advise on this ( if got any Ideas)