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  1. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    CPV? Is that the Contribution Parent Visa? Oh and what’s DHA. I take it you aren’t impressed with the parent onshore visas...lol At the end of the day if there’s a loophole people will use it. But you’d expect them look into it properly before going down that road.
  2. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    I suppose that is a risk they take. You would expect them to look into the visa properly though!
  3. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    Really? But the system allows people to apply onshore. I haven’t really looked at the parent visas so there maybe a condition attached. Who knows it’s all a minefield and great money earner for the government!
  4. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    Yeh! But we do people get annoyed? Surely, if someone has found a loop hole good luck to them? Or am I missing something?
  5. 5Whys

    Onshore Visas

    Hi - I am new to the site but I have been going through the posts in general and one thing I’ve noticed is that there is some people who get a little annoyed if someone is applying for a visa onshore. Is there a reason why? This annoyance seems to be aimed more towards the parent visas. It just seems strange that people get annoyed when there is the option to apply onshore. Thoughts. Cheers - 5