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  1. 31 minutes ago, Sammy1 said:

    Sorry, no, the one year of an uncompleted degree does not count as it did not result in any sort of qualification. You are better off saving your money until you have your full studies completed.

    As I suspected (but was hoping for a different answer ?). Thanks!

  2. I’m planning to apply for a 189 as an Early Childhood Teacher (I have a 3 year Early Years undergrad with QTS degree and will finish my MA in Early Childhood Education in August). I can’t submit my info to AITSL until Jan 2018 for my skills assessment, as I won’t receive my MA transcript and certificate until then. 

    I also (randomly) completed 1 year of a BA in English Lit in the 1990s. So, here’s the question: could that 1 year be counted towards the 4 years of university study? If so, I could use that with my undergrad and, rather than waiting until next Jan, I could get my skills assessed and submit an EOI much sooner. I know it’s a long shot and am thinking that I probably can’t count it, as it didn’t result in a qualification (as I dropped out). 

    Just thought I’d ask, as others may have been in the same situation. Thanks ?? 

  3. Thanks Jsmull87 - I might take you up on the offer of info as I proceed!

    Both of my degrees are Early Years (BA Early Years with QTS and MA Early Childhood Education) and I’ve got the letter from uni which covers the supervised placement requirement. The 5-7 years skilled employment is all full time teaching experience post-qualification which can be proven, so I know that’s ok. Thanks for the info re which IELTS to take - I need it for the points.

    Thanks again ??

  4. Hi, 

    Can anyone help me to clarify how many points I should be able to get please? I’ve calculated it as:

    Age 40-44 = 15 points 

    5-7 years skilled employment = 10 points

    Will attempt to get superior English in IELTS! = 20 points

    Qualification for skilled occupation = 10 points

    Now here’s the bit that bothers me - can I also get 15 points for my BA from the UK as well as the 10 points for the qualification for skilled occupation? Or is it a case of one or the other? Because if I can’t have both, I’m not going to have enough points ?

    Also, are any additional points given for having a Masters?


  5. Hi Dave,

    I’m in the process of gathering my paperwork for the skills assessment for Early Childhood Teacher. Your partner would have to have initial teacher training (either within her undergraduate degree or as a 1 year PGCE afterwards). As well as the transcript to show which modules she studied, she’d need a letter from her university detailing her teaching practice placements (which has to be at least 45 days of supervised teaching practice). So, even though she’s doing the job already, I don’t think AITSL will give her a positive skills assessment without the initial teacher training. I think she would have to go back to uni and complete a PGCE (or equivalent) to be considered ?

    Others on here might be able to offer more advice. Good luck.

  6. Apologies for jumping on this thread...

    We’re at the early stages of thinking about a move. I’ve got a BA in Early Years Education with QTS. It was only a 3 year course but I’m half way through my MA in Early Childhood Education (it’s a 2 year course). I see that pre-Primary teachers are on the list so do you think my BA + MA would be enough? I’m in my 7th year of teaching Early Years. Thanks in advance!