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  1. AdamandJemma

    Best places for work nsw

    Hi where would be best to set up home in nsw and have work for bricklayer. We ideally would like as close to Queensland as we can get. Whilst still staying in nsw... or would it be better to stay closer to Sydney for work?? Also have two children so school is important and ideally beach location?? Exhausted my Google searches and thought I'd check on here
  2. AdamandJemma

    Waiting time on 190 visa

    Hey we lodged 190 visa this week. Any one know how long the waiting time is.? Husband is bricklayer and we had 60points!? Just want to get out there and live in nsw! But only have 60points?? Such a long process already!
  3. Think this has come across not how inmeant it to? We are planning on living working in the state that sponsor us. However I wondered if my husband can't find work in that particular state. What happens as we have state sponsorship.its just for arguments sake??
  4. Hey we are applying for visa with nsw state sponsorship. All got lodged today so just a waiting game now as to whether visa gets granted. Do we actually legally have to live and work in nsw?? Husband is a bricklayer and we aren't sure if there is enough work in that state. Also we preferred the temp and look of Brisbane?? Any one got in on a state sponsorship but didn't stay in the State?? I know it's only a moral obligation