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  1. BackToTheBlighty

    Counting down!

    Can I ask what courier you used for this or any advice as the cost of air freight seems to be crazy. I just want to send a couple of folders and some computer equipment?
  2. BackToTheBlighty

    Express Shipping - Sydney to London

    If anyone has any recommendations for a good courier, please let me know.
  3. BackToTheBlighty

    Express Shipping - Sydney to London

    Yes, I think we will leave alot of stuff here that isn't high value, buy a large pram bag and bring the pram with us. The car seat we will buy in London so it fits ok as in Oz we just have a capsule atm
  4. BackToTheBlighty

    Express Shipping - Sydney to London

    Sleeping cot, change table and pram are the main larger items. We are trying to work out if we just buy them at the other end the day we arrive, or just ship them across with us.
  5. BackToTheBlighty

    Express Shipping - Sydney to London

    Hi all I just wanted to get some advice if anyone has any good recommendations on sending items to London economically. We have a baby so we don't want to wait 2 months for beds etc to turn up for him but also don't want to pay a fortune on courier fees. Some larger items we can wait for, but some items such as prams etc we need from the day we arrive. Thanks. Cheers
  6. BackToTheBlighty

    Is 100K enough for a couple in Sydney with these conditions ?

    A couple of points which helped me answer that question too: 20 days annual leave a year, means 2 trips a year would eat up your annual leave and leave no holidays apart from weekends. Myself and my wife go back each year and that takes up 3 weeks of my annual hols for just one trip then when you go back to work you are really jetlagged; in the UK the firm paid for my private health insurance, in Oz I am paying for this myself which is $300 pm; $100k a year gross salary is a good salary so well done on that, however with one income carries alot of risk given the high cost of living; in Oz, there isn't the cheap labour available that you get in the UK, therefore nannies and the like are very expensive in comparison. An english friend of mine wanted to get some tiling done in his laundry and bathrooms and he got a quote of $50k...ha ha, I will think about it
  7. BackToTheBlighty

    Dogs to UK

    You mention that moving transport for your dogs from Australia to the UK was easy to do. Can I ask for any tips on this, indicative cost, time, crates etc...any advice really on it as some of the costs look astronomical but we are taking our dog either way? We are looking at company websites but have no idea what is true and what isn't and whether we are potentially over-paying for something. We have a small dog who is 2 years old we would like to bring with us. Cheers