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  1. I won't speak for Jim911 but your earlier post states unequivocally that any international student who isn't rich is "desperate to migrate to Australia". That sounds like a bit of an overgeneralisation; surely that can't be the case. Furthermore I don't think any "ordinary" international student in uni or on the street would appreciate being thought of as being desperate to remain in Australia.
  2. WizardOfOz

    Where to live in Melbourne

    Well I have and I don't see it the same way, and you haven't clarified why exactly you find Vietnamese people in Richmond "horrible" etc. Your posts sound very racist, and I'm not sure if you're aware of it at all or simply don't care.
  3. WizardOfOz

    Where to live in Melbourne

    And what is stressful or shocking about a place "teeming with Vietnamese people"?
  4. WizardOfOz

    Good and bad of being sponsored in Oz

    I agree with rammygirl; your written English is really good, and is actually better than some native English speakers'. At least in doing the right thing, you can sleep well at night after your application has been approved and you won't have to worry that you'll be found out one day. All the best, and may your application be approved soon.
  5. WizardOfOz

    Form 80 filled in wrong?

    The two things are separate, aren't they? Although they can both arise out of the same set of circumstances, a warning is not a charge, much less a conviction. Surely the question above could be answered truthfully in the negative?
  6. WizardOfOz

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    Hey Sutu, What I can tell you is that the Adelaide office processed my application, but the CO changed so the CO that notified me of my grant was different from the CO that contacted me for additional information, for example.
  7. WizardOfOz

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    Hi everyone, I got my grant today as well. I'm really grateful for this site, as it's been a treasure trove of information. EOI: Mid-July 2017 Invitation: 9 August 2017 189 visa application: 9 August 2017 1st contact from CO requesting Form 80, medical checks and police certificates: 8 September 2017 "Information Provided" button pressed: 2 November 2017 Grant: 19 December 2017