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  1. Great progress. Could you please share the Questions they ask? And didn't you provided PCC earlier? Thanks.
  2. Thank you @Dr.samra and @Saadc @Saadc did you also provided FRC? If yes then was it FRC with siblings or wife? Thanks. Lilly.
  3. Congratulations !! Apart from the basic checklist of Partner Visa, did you also uploaded specific document checklist of Islamabad Office? For example, two separate statutory declaration from Pakistan of supporting witness, NADRA FRC (Family Registration Certificate) etc etc. Please reply. Thanks. Lilly,
  4. In addition to the above query, also I want to tell that one of our supporting witness has written statuary declaration in Urdu. So I believe we have to translate it in English, but am not sure from where we can get this translation done? Are there any authorized translator for immigration purposes? Thanks again. Lilly
  5. Hi, This is regarding two supporting witness statuary declaration required from Pakistan (Not Form 888 from Australian Citizens). We're are providing two from my wife's side and two from my side. I'm sponsor and my wife is applicant. My question is: Should we ask the supporting witness to mention their mobile number at the end of stat declaration (stamp paper) so that CO can contact them if any further information is required? Thanks Lilly
  6. There are few documents which are not required when filling online 309 47SP Form via immiAccount. But as observed in this form, ISB Office ask for few documents specifically from Pakistani applicants. I'm currently working on ISB Office document checklist and plan to attach them before CO ask. My DOL is 24 Feb 2018. No contact so far.
  7. @Mu'mina You applied in Nov 2017 and since then no contact at all from consulate? Did you submitted all documents, including the one which has specific document checklist from Islamabad office? @Hawar19Jan Did you also submitted the specific document checklist required by Islamabad office? Did you contacted ISB office for followup of your application? Good Luck all.
  8. @Jibran 17 months is way too long. What you're planning now? I'mean what steps are you going to take to accelerate your application?
  9. @Jibran If I'm not wrong, then I read in some of your previous post that you had a child after submitting your wife's 309 application. If this is correct, then as what I know, having child during 309 application process delay's the process. Good Luck and many prayers for your early visa arrival.
  10. You can press now and later also you will be able to upload documents. I did same. MY DOL: 24 FEB 2018
  11. Thanks. So its the issue of overlapping of 2nd marriage date with the divorce effectiveness date?
  12. @musmanasghar My 2nd marriage date is 3 AUG 2017 (Same on NADRA Marriage Certificate). Whereas below dates are mentioned on my NADRA divorce certificate. Date of Notice of Divorce: 9 MAY 2016 Date of Failure of Conciliation: 9 MAY 2016 Date of Effectiveness of Divorce: 9 MAY 2016 Entry Date: 27 July 2017 Issue Date: 1 AUG 2017
  13. Congratulations @musmanasghar for getting visa. Could you please share what misunderstanding it was? As I was divorced too but I never lodged partner visa for my ex-wife. So I think there should be no complexities. My DOL: Feb 2018. Also, I see your total turnover time is over 2 years which includes one year time as well for AAT (which you did after rejection). This all looks quite painful time.