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  1. Hi. I'm bit confused about processing times. Please share your views, if possible. So, I just called Immigration General Enquiries for my wife's partner visa status and they said they can't provide status and after taking DOL from me, the staff said, 90% of applications are processed in 19 months and 75% of applications in 14 months. Ref: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore/provisional-309 May be I'm wrong, but it looks like there are 3 different processing times that are mentioned: The first is on above page. Second is on immi account it says: 13 - 18 months and third on global processing time page it says for 100 visa 75% are processed in 19 months and 90% are processed in 33 months. However, I'm not able to find processing time for 309 on global processing times page. The staff however mentioned that official and the most updated processing time is on visa information page https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore/provisional-309 . Which means 14 - 19 months. Thanks. Lilly.
  2. Good. Quite reasonable. I pray you'll get 309 without the need of visit visa. Good luck
  3. Congratulations. Very good news. Thanks for sharing. Hope we get more grants following week. Wish you a happy Aussie life Lilly
  4. Ok. I think at this stage, you've below options: 1) Carry on with what you're doing, i.e: follow up with Zarnab on your case. Wait and continue as it is until you get grant. 2) Withdraw agent and follow-up directly by yourself with CO. In this case, I think you can better present your situation to CO. Apart from above, please keep taking logs of chat, finance, pictures, husband visits etc. This might come handy if CO ask again. Note: Please note I'm not any agent or very experienced in immigration cases. I myself has lodged Partner visa sponsor application for my wife and still waiting for grant. Above is just my input, please do what you think better. Good luck. Lilly.
  5. IMHO, you should be prepared to wait more as your DOL is June 2018. Here you will find people waiting from Dec 17, Jan-Feb 18. Therefore, I think its better to plan a visit to your wife (if she is overseas) and spend some lovely time during this painful wait. This will also give positive message to CO. Good luck. Lilly
  6. So with agent, I'm assuming you don't even have the credentials to login immiAccount? If you have, then you can see directly if logs are updated or not? BTW, if CO has asked for additional docs, then I see no point of uploading more logs until asked again. Good luck. Lilly.
  7. Every 3 months ?? IMHO, its too much delay for follow-up. You've four kids, of course several years of relationship. Solid genuine relationship evidence. I think you should consider withdrawing your agent and instead follow-up embassy directly. Good luck. Lilly.
  8. I know people who applied via unregistered MARA agents are being dodged and got unsuccessful results. Therefore, I prefer if anyone is using agent then better go with registered MARA agent, at-least you know you're investing in right way. I think everyone has same visibility and access to information. Agents who are experienced might present your application in better and proper way. The only bottleneck I see going via agent is that you're completely dependent on agent, specifically when it comes to follow-up, as agent has lodged many applications and he might be bit reluctant to write to CO quite often. I've same opinion, I hardly remember any case via agent who got quick response/visa. Good luck. Lilly.
  9. What your agent says? How often he contacted CO for follow-up? Is he MARA registered?
  10. Submitted additional docs 7 weeks ago. No news yet. Except (2) manual acknowledgements. Since January 2019, it is very quite. I think only one visa grant news (on this post). Good luck to all. Lilly.
  11. Please make sure you hire registered MARA agent and who has a good history of doing successfull appeals. I'm putting emphasis on agent selection because this might be your last chance. You may share the name of agent you hire, may be someone has exeperince of working with your selected agent. All the best to you mate. Lilly.
  12. @Jibran I second every word said in above quoted post by @Hawar19Jan Just to add, one of the best migration agent is George Lombard in NSW http://austimmigration.com.au Wishing you all the best mate. Lilly.
  13. Hope we will hear some good news this week as its almost one month that we had any visa grant? The last I remember was visa grant on 7 Jan 2019. Good luck to everyone friends Lilly