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  1. You can press now and later also you will be able to upload documents. I did same. MY DOL: 24 FEB 2018
  2. Thanks. So its the issue of overlapping of 2nd marriage date with the divorce effectiveness date?
  3. @musmanasghar My 2nd marriage date is 3 AUG 2017 (Same on NADRA Marriage Certificate). Whereas below dates are mentioned on my NADRA divorce certificate. Date of Notice of Divorce: 9 MAY 2016 Date of Failure of Conciliation: 9 MAY 2016 Date of Effectiveness of Divorce: 9 MAY 2016 Entry Date: 27 July 2017 Issue Date: 1 AUG 2017
  4. Congratulations @musmanasghar for getting visa. Could you please share what misunderstanding it was? As I was divorced too but I never lodged partner visa for my ex-wife. So I think there should be no complexities. My DOL: Feb 2018. Also, I see your total turnover time is over 2 years which includes one year time as well for AAT (which you did after rejection). This all looks quite painful time.
  5. We also uploaded digital copies except Form 888 which needs to be singed by witnesses and upload scan copies (same for any other form which needs signature, like Form 54)
  6. Thank you @arham786 for your detailed response. It really helped. All points are clear except few. 2) For polio vaccination, I'll try to find on DIBP website. Otherwise I think it can be done from hospital like Agha Khan Karachi. What you say? 3) supporting evidence: As I understand from AHC Islamabad checklist, these details can be provided on normal affidavit. Don't you think that there isn't enough space in affidavit specially if one is writing by hand? (as handwriting takes more space than a typewriter) 6) 2x separate witness statements: How about one from my wife's younger brother and one from my elder sister? Does relationship of witnesses matters? 8: Medical: Thank you @Ahmed Hassan for your feedback. I agree with this as well. We will probably do them next month which will be the 5th month. Actually we can't delay as other engagements will be there in future. Finally if you or anyone can tell me from where English translation of Urdu Nikah Nama can be done in Karachi? Kind regards.
  7. Hi all, I've gone through AHC Islamabad checklist for partner visa 309. I've few questions and will appreciate if somebody could reply to these. I'm the sponsor and my wife is applicant. DOL: is 24 Feb 2018 via immiAccount. Checklist questions: 1) NADRA birth certificate issued by Union Council Question: My wife does not have her birth certificate so as a proof of DOB we've provided her NIC and Passort. Is that enough or shall we try to get her NADRA birth certificate? 2) Current and valid polio vaccination certificate Question: Where to do polio vaccination in Karachi? Is there any authorized centers by DIBP? 3) Written and signed relationship statement (how and when relationship started, how marriage ceremony was solemnized, describe how financially and emotionally supporting each other, how relationship developed after wedding and what are couple’s future plans) – there is no sample for this statement it can be provided on normal affidavit. Question: We've already provided these in details when we uploaded 47SP(applicant) and 40SP(sponsor) forms via immiAccount. To be precise, we provided below details: A) financial aspects of the relationship B) nature of the household. C) social aspects of the relationship. D) nature of the commitment the applicant and the sponsor have to each other. E) development of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor. Do we need to provide again? If yes, then it must be handwritten or we can type on affidavit and sign it?" 4) Details of immigration history (if visited any countries or if applied for any country’s visa in past 10 years) Question: My wife (applicant) never applied for immigration for any country before. Only she visited one country on visit visa for 14 days. We already mentioned this in her 47SP form. So do we provide again here? 5) Form 54 for family composition Question: We already provided our family details in form 47SP and 40SP. Do we need to provide again in Form 54? 6) 2x statutory declaration forms from two declarants from Pakistan with copy of their CNIC or passport. (please note that English translation should be provided with Urdu CNIC) Question: We provided this in form 888 from two Australian Citizens. Do we provide them again from two more references in Pakistan? 7) Please makes sure that applicant has provided biometrics, if not please generate request from online IMMI account. Question: Applicant has done Biometrics 3 months ago in VFS Gloabal Office in Karachi but the result is not reflected in immiAccount. Should we follow up with VFS Global on this? 8 Medicals Question: We haven't done her medicals yet. Shall we do now or wait for Case Officer's request for medicals? Kind regards.
  8. Thank you @Ahmed Hassan for providing check list. Much appreciated!!
  9. @Ahmed Hassan Brother thank you for your response. Really appreciate. Can you please share the check list sent to you by AHC Islamabad? It will definitely help in preparing in advance for interview pre/post requisites. I've submitted my wife's application in Feb 2018. Kind regards
  10. @Ahmed Hassan Brother could you please tell if you've provided or asked by CO for: 1) Translated copy of URDU Nikah Nama in English (apart from NADRA certificate) 2) To provide 2 proof of relationship statements from two close family members (this is different from the 2 reference letters of PR/AU Citizen with Form 888) 3) Since your lodgement of application (Oct 2017) until your interview (June 2018), did you follow up with CO or called immigration here in AUS for followup? Kind regards And Good Luck with your application.
  11. Hi, In previous posts, I've seen CO asking to provide Nikah Nama in Urdu and English both. We have in Urdu so we need to translate it in English. Could somebody advise from where English translation can be done and will it need to be attested as well? Thanks. Lilly.