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  1. Pefry90

    187 vs 489 visa questions?

    I have another question to anyone who has already made an application for visa. Do you need send a work experience with all documents again in visa application or it's just once done when you pass a skills assessment and you do not need to do it again?
  2. Pefry90

    187 vs 489 visa questions?

    I heard that TRA is slightly harder to gain all necessary informations but it is not my experience so I do not know is that true.
  3. Pefry90

    187 vs 489 visa questions?

    Great, that is giving me go to forward 489 visa like you all recommend and I feel this too. If you could have a choice between Manufacturer (VETASSESS) and Gardener (TRA) with the same years of experience and qualifications (add 10 points either) which one will go for?
  4. Pefry90

    187 vs 489 visa questions?

    Exactly, I must say I do appreciate honesty really. To be where I am now means I do not know who is right and where is the right answer yet (basically everyone first says "ask a migration agent..."). The only thing I have is as usual listen myself and follow that and I have very similar feelings to that what he said today. I wonder to hear more and more opinions about it for sure. Thanks for reply.
  5. Pefry90

    187 vs 489 visa questions?

    Today I spoke with one the migration's agent and I find out something new. For the first time I was planning to migrate on 489 visa by skill point test, however here appear some another option like go first by working holiday visa and when arrive on the right place try to find employer in the best occupation for me (manufacturer or gardener). Later, within one year, try to apply for a sponsorship from an employer and go on 187 visa which is permanent. Question is, is it really so simple to find employer who will offer you a sponsorship and how to do that? Second is is it have to be a specific region you must work in Australia for your occupation or just anywhere? I do not know why but I think that is much easier to apply for visa within your country and take all documents in one than try to do the same in another one where you need to make a skills assessment for example. I really want to know what you think about it?
  6. Pefry90

    Nursing visa 189 - degree?

    What about this IELTS test or PTA. Do I have to go first and pass an exams to reach more points and then go for skills assessment or turn it around?
  7. Pefry90

    189 Visa Help with Skills Assessment

    Could anyone tell me how looks like the process of passing the IELTS test? Do I need to go first and pass IELTS and after apply for skills assessment with authority or turn it around and do skills assessment first? Thank you
  8. Pefry90

    189 Visa Help with Skills Assessment

    Dear MeggieMay24, You were more than helpful, thank you so much, that clear up the whole situation. I just got everything I wanted to know. Thank you very much
  9. Hi, I wonder to apply for visa 189 for South Australia. Actually I know to start it I need to first pass a skills assessment with the right authority. Here I need you help, tell me please if the occupation (my is Gardener in General) I worked for about 5 years is on payslips (P45 & P60 also) from employers mainly by agencies is that match criteria of pass the skills assessment? For example during the period of 8 years of working for many different agencies I have combined experience in that sector but there are also different occupations on payslips with same employer (agency) as well. Is that acceptable for Australian authority whilst checking the history of employment when I attached this payslips? It is something completely new for me and there is a payment for skills assessment on a start for around 1,000AUD. I would like to know is that refundable after if I do not pass the assessment? The last question is about language and how it looks like if I have a British Passport, do I have to pass IELTS to get 189 visa? Thank you a lot