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  1. Just checked my VEVO and turns out it expires in July 2019. Which is great meaning I should have nothing to worry about. I was a little confused as to when it’s status is cancelled, but if it’s not until the ceremony then that’s perfect. Thanks!
  2. Perfect. Guess it’s just a case of notifying immigration of the proposed travel dates that I didn’t put in the application.
  3. Yep, was certainly the case. They froze applications from the date of announcement, right through the bill’s scrutiny. They even temporarily dismantled the online application service for citizenship, if my memory serves me right. Normally it would have taken roughly 7 months, I believe.
  4. Hello so I've recently lodged a citizenship application and one of the pages required me to fill out any possible future travel, with exact dates (which I assumed was for emergency/urgent travel that was deemed absolutely necessary). I've heard rumours of how "you're not allowed to leave Australia in the timeframe between your application lodgement and the response date (AKA the date when they organise the test)". I wanted to know if this was true? - The Department of Immigration site isn't too clear and only stipulates that you can't travel before your ceremony, as your PR will be cancelled thus requiring you to return to Aus on a RRV (correct me if I'm wrong). It's been over 4 years since I left England, I'm becoming very homesick and 10-14 months is an awfully long time.