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  1. Lulu Cook, RDN

    Dietitians - APD

    Hi Racha ~ Please email me at lulu@gutfeelngcoaching.com. I'm happy to try to connect you with others who will be sitting their exams shortly. Wishing you well ~ lulu
  2. Lulu Cook, RDN

    Dietitians - APD

    Hi there ~ I passed! Officially an APD now! Just found out a few weeks ago about the final hoop, the oral exam. Great news! It was *really* hard, and several of the dietitians in my study group did *not* pass, either the written or oral exams. The best thing I did, really, besides pouring tons and tons of time into studying, was to be on this WhatsApp group of other people sitting the exam ~ I was put in touch via my DAA mentor. I would highly recommend finding others to walk through the journey with, as in my experience, no-one else in my life wanted to hear all the nitty gritty details of how nerve wracking it was, or how much I disagreed with certain Aussie dietary guidelines, or whatever. Good luck to you!
  3. Lulu Cook, RDN

    Dietitians - APD

    Hi everyone ~ Are there any other dietitians out here who have recently sat the written MCQ exam to have their overseas credential recognized in Australia? I just received notice that I passed the assessment to register for the March 2018 exam. It's been a few years (ahem ~ ) since I took the registered dietitian exam in the US, and I'm really not sure what to expect, and how much to prepare, for the Australian APD exam. I haven't found the DAA materials particularly helpful and their "sample exam" is only 5 questions. Anyone else have a better idea of what to expect? Thanks in advance, SO MUCH! ~ lulu