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  1. can you please elaborate about your daily job and the questions youv'e been asked? is it possible to do frome home? i thought it should be in an approved location where they can identify you. thank you
  2. hi JAGZZ are u currently in aystralia? (succeeded the interview? ) i am from france - normaly i should have done this in Australia but my agent requested i pass it in the UK thank you for your reply.
  3. Hello everyone i am currently in the proccess of applying for skilled visa (189/ 190- depending on IELTS score) i am an installer of Home audio video (home theatre systems) and smart homes for the past 12 years - my immigration agent told me that since i do not have a certificate that is recognized by australian government i need to have a skills assessment interview at the UK before applying for the visa. my question is: As i can understand - electronic equipment trades consist of a variety of proffesions such as alarm techniciens / electronic repair techniciens and computer techniciens. which are quiet different from my daily job. in this assessment interview will i be asked about my specific field of expertise or should i take a course to master also in-depth testing of electronic circuits or other computer assembly etc. Also can i find online any list of topics or interview examples that i can refer to prior to booking my own interview? Thank you for your time your advice will be much apreciated Nathaniel
  4. hi raje thank you for your reply i have a basic knowlege of electronic components (self taught as a hobby) will it be suficient for passing this test- or should i take a professional course? just to clarify: how it is related to installers of AV systems or alarms installers (which are not familiar with internal repair of electronic equipment -aren't they completly different professions)? also is there a topic list that i can refer in order to prepare myself ? thank you so much for your time
  5. hi everyone i'm new in this forum ...in case this tread is still active i would like to ask someone that had his offshore skill assessment in Electronic equipment trades worker: i am an installer of Home theatre systems ( and also some smart home controllers and home network) for the past 12 years. during the assessment will i be asked about fire / alarm systems? about in depth electronic components repairs? (which i'm not familiar with) or each interview is individual and concerning only my spesific occupation? thank you in advance have a great day