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  1. Thanks for the replies. There doesn't seem to be any positive stories about obtaining a waiver so I wonder if it's ever achieved and if so, what are the factors that would mean granting the waiver versus being refused? Maybe 2007 is too recent anyway going by previous posts...
  2. RoccoPom

    Criminal conviction, tourist visa

    I have my fingers crossed for you! Please do keep in touch as to how you get on! we are about to submit our application - partner has spent conviction (so ten years old) but was sentenced to a term in prison of more than 12 months so fails the character test. Did you submit the application yourself or use an agent? Again, wishing you luck! Rocco
  3. Hi, looking for any information on best route to obtain visitor visa if you fail character test based on having a substantial criminal record. Sentence was 24 months for assault back in 2007 so now spent but know this still must be disclosed. Is there any chance we would be successful in applying for visitor visa? seems hopeless ATM but wondered if there are ANY positive outcomes for recent applications... TIA
  4. RoccoPom

    Criminal conviction, tourist visa

    Hi Bernard, We have a similar situation and wondered if you had hear any more from Vaccu or what you have decided to do? Rocco
  5. As far as I know he was never given any paperwork from his employer although he is still in touch with him and so if these could be issued now then that shouldn't be a problem. He finished his four year apprenticeship approx 13 years ago and I think the paperwork process was maybe a little lax back then!
  6. Hi - my husband and I are looking into emigrating to Australia. We have family there (my brother) who is permanent resident with Australian partner. My husband is a builder with 15 years experience and his own business. He served a four year apprenticeship and has been working in the trade ever since. He does not hold any formal qualifications so just wondering if we were to apply for a skilled visa, how do we evidence his experience? We have accounts for his company of more than 10 years but nothing to prove he is qualified. Have been looking into an on site qualification (NVQ3) but wondered if this is the best one to be recognised internationally and have also seen City and Guilds mentioned - does anyone know which one carries more worth? Thanks