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  1. Hello everyone, my certificate of experience is issued from governmental body & I had it authenticated by ministry of state & the Australian embassy here in Egypt. Would that be enough evidence for the case officer? I'm asking this because I can't get any other evidence of experience.
  2. ProudHeart

    Chances for invitation NSW Vs NT?

    Both because any applicant for MLS assessment is initially assessed as MLT then after passing an exam he receives a MLS assessment letter, so I can apply for any of them.
  3. ProudHeart

    Chances for invitation NSW Vs NT?

    MLS isn't NT list but If I'm going to apply for NT I'll apply as a med lab Tech.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm about to lodge an EOI for 190 Visa & need some help on which state to choose (NSW or NT). I'm asking about the state from which I have a better chance to get an invitation. Occupation: Medical Lab scientist (stream one; priority occupation in NSW) Points: 55+5 English: Proficient (10 pts)