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    Australian Computer Society -RPL

    As per my Knowledge from 12 years of Experience only 3.8 years is accepted after submitting RPL which is 5 points...30 points for age...5 points for State...= 40 points. If i achieve 8 in IELTS then 20 more points = 60. My confusion is what to write in EOI about qualification?? And if degree is not recognized but still i got suitablity letter from ACS i can apply in DIBP without any issues? After all process.
  2. Mfaahad

    Australian Computer Society -RPL

    12 years experience as IT engineer. As per anzco i choosed. MSC and BSIT both not recognized hence i have provided RPL report. In the result letter from ACS there is no qualification mentioned. I think i can select Masters in EOI??
  3. Mfaahad

    General question about an ACS RPL

    Hi All. Need to know experiences from you all after getting approval from ACS on base of RPL.
  4. Hi Guyz I have done BSIT and MSC in Computer Science along with 12 years of Experience. Applied in ACS. I got a reply from them that my qualifications are not suitable with AQF so advised to submit RPL and Additional 200AUD. I did and got a positive result. But from 12 years only 3.8 years experienced accepted. Now i am confused what to do. I am predicting that i got only 5 points for experience, 30 points of age, 5 points for states total 40 points. Please correct me if i am wrong. Please advice me what to do. To get 20 more points i need to score 8 in all 4 modules of IELTS or any other way is also there?? ACS report doesnt say about qualification. Only experience details are mentioned I am just thinking what qualification have to be selected in EOI? Shuld i select MSC although it is not recognised? Does RPL reports give some points? But no info is mentioned about RPL in acceptence letter? Waiting for your kind advices