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  1. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    I was more looking at tafe as they do it over two years as i dont feel a one year course is really going to give you a great amount of education,and a cert 3 is the UK equivalent of a nvq level two but I appreciate your feed back I will avoid anything like that if I go through with ot.
  2. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    This is more what i was looking for can you explain furher please
  3. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    Yeah I had seen this. I was understanding you would have to pass it through the 12 month job ready program for international graduates under taken on your 485 which if successful would provide a postive skill assment for migration purpose. Although I can imagine from what I understand about the job ready program o cabt imagine alot of employers would be keen for it
  4. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    Yeah i was more looking into carpentry or joinery not so much plumbing or electrition as I know that to be the case as far as the work experiance reuirements is it not a points based system that of you cab meet the certain amount of poins you are able to apply? You are completely right for tss visa and such I mean like the 189 or 190 Which from my research you seem to be able to with studying provided the tra through the job ready you gain a successful skill assment do you have a link for more info on what your saying? But as i said before migration isn't really the long term goal would be nice but of it didn't happen I'm not going to cry about it.
  5. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    Thanks I don't belevive you are correct In the second part as there's is ways i.e job ready program and so forth but it is of risks and expensive to be fair,pr would be great but primarily I just want to study in aus really
  6. Max64633

    Studying a trade in aus

    Hi there i was looking at studying a trade in aus and wonder if anyone has any experiance in this basiclly I was looking at doing a two year course and I was wondering what the standards of education is like and then having your skills transfers back into the UK and if anyone had any exerpianve with the graduate visa migration would be a bonus but isn't really my long term goal the graduate visa woulf be more to build up some more practical work experiance at the end so I'm more job ready back home.
  7. I need help clearing this up my first year in aus expired in feb this year after i left I claimed buy tax and super back I was told it would not affect my second year buy the company used but I hear different things now all the time and I have no real anser I have all my farm days all the evidence and Im gonna apply soon for my seconds year will this be a problem thanks guy.