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  1. CeltInCaulfield


    You chose to go along with it. You're culpable.
  2. CeltInCaulfield

    Perth and it's people gets a bad rap!

    To be honest, a lot of this can be seen anywhere. It seems symptomatic of people who don't have the gumption and get-go to change their own circumstances. Haters' gonna hate, as I believe the young people are apt to say, nowadays?
  3. CeltInCaulfield

    Perth and it's people gets a bad rap!

    Perth has always been very nice when I have visited on occasion. Much like Sydney, I enjoy it for a trip but couldn't live there. I would miss the Arts Centre in Melbs too much. These complaints seem no different to what you'd get if you polled a lot of folk in the western suburbs of Melbourne, I dare say...
  4. CeltInCaulfield

    Entering australia with an old caution

    Think only convictions need to be declared if it's one of those friendly country electronic tourist visas (can't remember, 651?).
  5. CeltInCaulfield


    No. Your question only asked if any dentists have ever applied for a visa. I would be stunned if none ever had.
  6. CeltInCaulfield


    I would imagine so.
  7. CeltInCaulfield

    Mr Men books to be banned

    Ah bugger... He's still alive!?
  8. CeltInCaulfield

    Aussie weather

    How is the shovel collection, Eric?
  9. CeltInCaulfield

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    Dunno... those with driving licences seem to ignore the rules of the road, though.
  10. CeltInCaulfield

    Aussie weather

    Thank heavens. Finally some proper rain in Melbourne!
  11. CeltInCaulfield

    What to do when you first land?

    Dunno... would defo wake you up
  12. CeltInCaulfield

    What to do when you first land?

    Grab a coffee and wash your face. Those two. In that order.
  13. CeltInCaulfield

    Current Victoria 190 Nomination Time

    These were all for Victoria. Most of them old friends of mine from Blighty who just wouldn't make the points on a 189.
  14. CeltInCaulfield

    Current Victoria 190 Nomination Time

    I know of quite a few more from Blighty over the last three or four months who have tried applying for 190 sponsorship, only to be turned down. Does seem like they're tightening things up a bit.
  15. CeltInCaulfield

    Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal overturned visa refusal

    And what about the rights of decent people to have a fair go without scum like that on the streets, when we have opportunities to rid ourselves of some of it?