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  1. Paul DDDDDDDD

    Remortgaging UK Rental

    We're just going through the process now to remortgage, everything going okay (touch wood) so far, just at property valuation stage. Fingers crossed.
  2. Paul DDDDDDDD

    Remortgaging UK Rental

    Hi Aussie Pom, Thanks for the information above, this is the most information around getting a mortgage from Australia I've seen, and would suggest for others to. I checked with HSBC last night and like you suggested there are a number of criteria that needs to be fulfilled. 1) Must pay tax in the UK 2) Must have lived in the property for at least 6 months 3) Either you or your partner must earn more than 75k GBP 4) Equity in the property must be more 25% 5) Rent must be 145% of interest only Mortgage repayments It all sounds a bit simple, but like you if it goes through I've save on my current deal. Once again thanks, will see how far the application goes. Paul.
  3. Paul DDDDDDDD

    Remortgaging UK Rental

    Hi Ken, Thanks for your response to my query, the financial regulations part makes a lot of sense and I understand why it's hard for UK companies to offer mortgages to Oz residents if they're to adhere to two country financial regulations. I'll keep doing investigation and if I find something will post what I find on here, otherwise it's a case of watching interest rates rise and our mortgage payments with it, only 14 years of the mortgage left Paul
  4. Paul DDDDDDDD

    Remortgaging UK Rental

    Hi all, Not sure this is the correct section, also not sure if this topic hasn't been raised before, but have trawled through in the search section and couldn't find a match. My wife and I have been in Oz for 6.5 years now and have rented out UK property for this time. When we arrived our, at the time mortgage deal was expiring and I painfully set about getting a new mortgage from Oz, which took ages because of the complications of living abroad. We eventually found one with Halifax and have been on this since. With the interest rates on the up we'd like to lock into a fixed interest rate deal as that helps with managing our rental property, but after phoning Halifax they don't offer any rental mortgages at present. I have a feeling it'll be a painful experience trying to find another company we can use. Has anyone on here tried to do this and had a good experience, if so any recommendations on companies to try. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul.