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  1. MissNancy1107

    Help for my American friend - 189 and 190 Visa

    Great, thank you so much!
  2. MissNancy1107

    Help for my American friend - 189 and 190 Visa

    Thanks Marisa
  3. Hello all, This website was AMAZING for me when I was applying for my permanent residency. A lot of the information here helped me navigate the process of applying for and being granted my 190 visa by myself. My American friend is now in the same situation but is struggling to find a website similar to this one that's tailored to Americans. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Is there a group on this site that have US Citizens in the same position? She is trying to get her 189/190 visa (she's applying for both). She's a Civil Engineer and has all the points needed as well as confirmation from Engineers Australia that she's a qualified engineer. The biggest hurdle she's coming up against is the police check from the US. Does anyone know if the Federal check from the FBI will suffice or if she needs to get state and local ones as well....? Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!
  4. MissNancy1107

    Help with suburbs pls?

    I'd have suggested Bondi Junction. The beaches in the eastern suburbs are beautiful (if a little busy) and the commute to Olympic Park is less than an hour on the train (or 40mins in the car). It's also only 10mins to the cbd on the train. It's a tad bit expensive rent wise but it's got the best of both worlds so certainly worth looking at if you decide to leave Narrabeen.