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  1. ant111

    UK local government ill health pension

    Thanks Ken. Appreciate your reply. I am a tax resident with pr. Also I was aware of UPP and SAPTO. And I'm on a low income, coming up to 68yo. Doesn't seem fair that foreign superannuation in payment is taxable at my age when for Australians pensions are tax free.
  2. I have received a UK local gov ill health pension for many years and I"ve been an Australian tax resident for four years. This pension hasn't been enough to pay tax on yet but together with my new state pension may put me over the threshhold and make me liable for Australian tax. I have no other income but these low income pensions. Is this UK local gov ill health pension still classed as an ill health pension if I'm now well and of pension age, is it exempt from tax in Australia? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  3. George Lampard whose based in Oz used to be a go to agent for medical issues. The criteria was if the problem is significant with significant costs and is the person able to be independent. I think people with certain heart conditions or those who have recovered have passed their medical. Keep all doctors letters ,scans etc. and medical records from the GP may be requested.
  4. You are a visitor and foreign resident. If you have a foreign address and tell the bank you should only be taxed on SAVING interest at 10%. The bank should repay any overpayment if this is claimed within a certain time from them but you must demand this. Otherwise I recently claimed back this over with-held with- holding tax from the ATO. I also have claimed off the bank when they first got it wrong. There's a special over withheld with holding tax claim form for claiming from the ATO. Google it. Of course you can wait and claim it back with a tax return as I was annoyingly constantly told to do by the bank. As for other tax I believe your not liable until you are a llpermanent resident. Alan Collett please advise.
  5. When I was waiting it was about two weeks to about six weeks wait.
  6. For clarity a police certificate/ check for any country you spent 12 months or more during the last ten years.
  7. Our BUPA standard visitor cover used to cover GP visits.
  8. Thanks Merryweather. Yes we are fortunate especially considering the latest timelines etc. Congratulations to you too.
  9. Hi all, Got the visa Friday 6/7/18. A couple of hours after leaving Australia for Thailand. They gave us 7 days to book during school holidays and send them the itinerary. So no pressure there. Stressful to the end.! Best wishes to all and perhaps never more appropriate is the phrase. " Keep calm and carry on" pommmmmmm.....
  10. Thanks for sharing Jay. Some useful information. Confirmed to me some applicants were asked for docs in October yet ours was November and we APPLIED the 6th Feb 2016 before them. So no strict date order.