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  1. We are April 2015 and they are STILL processing our visa... 18 week delay with AoS by Centrelink....ggrrrrr
  2. Great post gafuk... just what we all need, proper down to earth words from someone who's done it..... I'm sure we all think we know what to expect but in reality a few surprises for us all in store, especially on the emotional side maybe. Good luck on the job hunting, as you are in Perth perhaps you could get a job with the immigration dept, they seem to be in need of some help....... Take care mate, maybe meet up for a cold one when we get our visa and you are over visiting your son. Ray.
  3. OK I see now...you've just got "visa granted" ready so you can just add the date..... good luck to your parents then, if they are anything like us after waiting 3 years they are just taking it as it comes... we have been trying to second guess immigration for over a year now to no avail ......... This time next year it will all be like a bad dream.
  4. Hi Peter, our daughter and husband went into Centrelink on 4th May....after 4 weeks she checked back with them and was told there was an 18 week delay in processing ( nothing surprises us anymore ) although immigration said that there was a 12 week delay and you waited 19-20 weeks..... I see you were way ahead of us on request for docs even though we lodged a month before you and you now have your visa you lucky devil..... expect immigration will still insist visa's are issued in lodgement order. Anyway mate good luck in your new life down under.... where are you headed?
  5. Hi Lenses, I've been using them for the last few years transferring small amounts when the rates have been favourable, the post was about a new service they offer I received in an email. I agree with you, I think they are very good.
  6. No transfers are free... you either pay a set fee up front like Transferwise or you get a cent or two below bank rate like most of the FX companies and most of the banks... I would also say there are no hidden costs with transferwise, all the info is on the screen before you press the button to send your money...ie, transfer fee, exchange rate and the amount that will actually be sent to your chosen bank.
  7. New account from Transferwise.... might be of interest to some of you. I'm not recommending this and I haven't checked it out myself yet. https://transferwise.com/borderless-account/welcome/
  8. We were feeling hard done by because we didn't get asked to supply docs until 3 years after our lodgement date and others on this forum were being asked well before their 3 years were up.... Seems now with all the delays immi might have done us a favour.... we might have a little more leeway on our " enter Oz by " date..... but all in all this just shows what one big muck up this whole process is.
  9. I thought you had up to 1 year to actually enter Oz on you visa ( then you are in the system ) then you could leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wanted for up to 5 years with no charge... been so blinkin' long since I applied though, I might be getting things mixed up.
  10. Just got to look at the vast increase in applications over the last 3 years to see why they are getting swamped.... My daughter phoned Centrelink to see how her AoS for us was going and was told there is an 18 week delay from lodgement to when it's processed, and Immigration dept are aware of this ... although immigration dept told us a few weeks ago there was a 12 week delay...... Seems they are making it up as they go.
  11. Nice to see the comments over the last few pages are back to giving information we might all find handy when we eventually get to Oz rather than moaning about how long it's taking to get our visas...... I think we all know by now that it's going to take as long as it takes and nothing we say or do will make the slightest difference.
  12. Nice one Susie, but it is reassuring to know we have the "PC" police on here to keep us all in check
  13. If you applied 15th May 2015 you are behind many who applied earlier and have still heard nothing..... you just got to wait.
  14. Found on one of the financial sites yesterday...... but I expect on another site somewhere there is another article stating the complete opposite....but I like this one best. For the Pound-to-Aussie rate, Foley and the Rabo team forecast Sterling will rise from its 1.78 level Monday to 1.84 before the year is out and 1.95 before the end of the first quarter 2019.