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  1. Still very early, if the AOS was approved yesterday after a 9 week wait... good luck to you though, just a bit of a downer after applying with the idea it would take up to 2 years and now in our ( and lots of other applicants ) 32nd month in the "waiting "room and not a word.
  2. How can this be when Immi are only now processing applications up to 11 March 2015.... Is this because they used a MA? I was told it made no difference.. applications were processed by date received . Anyone any ideas.
  3. I think this info is required due to money laundering regulations... I opened an account and have sent money to Oz, once I got the a/c number wrong but the next day they contacted me, I checked and supplied the correct a/c number and funds arrived safely ... all done on line very easily. I know what you mean though about supplying personnel details.. I suppose you just got to go with what you are happy with, it's still a great site for checking exchange rates though even if you haven't got an account.
  4. I'd agree with this.... once you have chosen a dealer you are happy with go with it and don't look again... 0.05 of a cent on your exchange rate can add up to a great deal of money on life savings or money from a house sale and the exchange rate fluctuates by the second. It does look as if the overall trend is going in the right direction but when I started this journey it was 2 to the GBP..... happy days.
  5. But is that online or do you have to phone and get the rate?
  6. In my expierience TransferWise is the only one that gives you a rate online that you will get for 24 hours....The others ( and I've tried a few ) give you the bank rate on line but when you actually change your money thats when you realise the bank rate quoted is not what you get. And "no fee charged" is rubbish if you don't get a good exchange rate in the first place. But as Catlady2014 says, get registered ( it doesn't cost anything ) then you are ready to go.
  7. Ain't that the truth, but at least we will have the info to hand..... this time next year it will all be behind us
  8. Thanks for that, thought we would get ahead of the game and at least fill the form out ready. Our lodgement date is 23/4/15 Acknowledgement 1/5/15. Headed for Geelong area, hopefully later this year.
  9. Hi fellow applicants, Re the form 80.... We applied back in May 2015, will we both have to submit a form 80 or just me as the proposer?
  10. I found Transferwise easy to use and good rate....