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  1. TJB

    186 Visa

    Either way it's a pain ? Good luck to you
  2. TJB

    186 Visa

    Hey Elainey, Ours seems slightly different from alot I've read on forums and Facebook (Poms in Oz-original). My husband is the main visa applicant. It's a government job. We sent all certificates etc to them and they sent it off to their trade assessment and came back with a job offer. Took around 5 months. No demonstration and all offshore.
  3. TJB

    186 Visa

    Cheers. Much appreciated
  4. TJB

    186 Visa

    Thanks rammygirl. Skills assement all done, all passed, I just literally need to know whats documents we require for the visa when we lodge. Birth certificates, police checks etc. What else? Edit**** just followed the link and found the documents section. It's alot less than i thought! Thank you for your help
  5. TJB

    186 Visa

    A little help please. We're in the process of getting everything together for a 186 visa (found an employer in Aus). We're hoping to lodge our visa by Feb/ March the latest. Could you please let me know what documentation will be needed? Birth certificates etc. My husband was previously married around 15 years ago so will we need his decree absolute? And do the police checks need to be submitted at the time of lodging? What other documents do we need? Thank you for your help
  6. TJB

    USA police check (FBI check)

    That's what i was thinking too Snifter. Think I'll just do that
  7. I have searched the internet for an answer and can't find one. My husband and i need a USA police check (FBI check). We have different surnames. Should we send these separately in different envelopes or can we send them together? This seems like such a trivial question but I'm really confused by this. I'm guessing it should be sent in separate envelopes? Kind regards.