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  1. Thanks!! We lodged initially back in October 2017.
  2. Hi All, Just a quick message to say we got our grant this morning. Good luck to all still waiting....lovely feeling when it happens! Absolutely buzzing to get on with the planning!
  3. LAW

    AHPRA Headache!!!

    Thanks, helpful to know. Are you in Australia now and working?
  4. LAW

    AHPRA Headache!!!

    Thanks for the info CeeJayKav. I have heard they are pretty strict on extensions so felt it better to apply later. How long did the process take for you?
  5. LAW

    AHPRA Headache!!!

    How did you go with your recce LeeH? We are waiting on our CO reviewing our visa this Friday (18th May). Have held off with the AHPRA application, as even if I submitted the end of May they are saying 8-10 weeks for processing time. Thats would mean (with the 3 month registration window) visiting Australia to validate with AHPRA between Aug-Oct. We were hoping to time a possible visa validation trip within the AHPRA timescales so looking at submitting in 3 months-ish to allow us to go on holiday over christmas/new year. Meanwhile there are loads of good jobs passing me by..... Tis very exciting though!!!
  6. LAW

    Psychology 189 Visa

    Hi, as the previous poster said, I thought you can only claim for your highest degree. I have recently had my qualifications assessed as equivalent to 6 years of Australian study by the APS. That included BSc Psychology, MSc Forensic Psychology and Doctorate in Clin Psych. You may need to complete some of the transitional programme in Aus to become fully registered. For more info look up AHPRA registration.
  7. Hi all, We have had our medicals this week and am wondering how likely it is that the case officer will request more information re. my hubby's type 1 diabetes? So many hoops....
  8. LAW

    SC189 What's the hold up? Brisbane office

    Ah okay, that a bit more promising!
  9. LAW

    189 processing times

    Does anyone know whether this figure of 5-8 months includes time from first lodgement of visa to completion...or...is this the time from final lodgement to completion? Hope that makes sense... LAW x
  10. LAW

    SC189 What's the hold up? Brisbane office

    Hopefully processing times start to reduce after the Christmas break for everyone. Are also a family of 5 hoping to head out to Melbourne. Cannot believe AHPRA took almost a year...this gives me the fear! I've chosen to postpone AHPRA application until we have at least lodged the final part of the visa. Case officer has been in contact and we are in the process of medicals, police checks and form 80's. So, should be within the next month that we are at final lodgement...but a year for AHPRA!!! That sucks! Fingers crossed for good news for you soon.
  11. LAW

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Whoohooo....case officer assigned from the Adelaide office. Requested form 80, police checks and medicals! Glad to be moving on to the next stage.
  12. LAW

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    Following this thread! Nice to hear there is some progress being made. Our 189 visa was lodged 25/10/17 and we have yet to have a case officer assigned. I think I read somewhere that there should normally be a case officer assigned within 8 weeks...is this right? I can't remember where I saw this. Feeling inpatient and would like to get medicals organised but want to leave ourselves as much time as possible to make the move if we are granted!
  13. LAW

    How rural is West Moreton/Ipswich?

    Thanks for all the replies folks. Hadn't really realised that the beaches were all so far away from the city to be honest so thats helpful for us. We really would love to live a short drive away from a local beach. Melbourne is really our front runner at the moment and we are looking at Altona, Point Cook area. Just wanted to check out this area due to the frequency of job adverts that would suit us.
  14. Hi All, Just after any info. about how rural West Moreton/Ipswich is or feels? Does a trip to the coast take a while? Have had a look at maps and it would seem a trip to the coast/beach would take well over an hour? I guess an option is top live nearer coast and commute out there. Keep seeing great jobs and salaries advertised with Queensland Health out there but wonder if the salaries are reflective of how much they need to pay to attract applicants...?
  15. LAW

    Job offer and a difficult decisions

    Hi Hucath, A fellow newbie! Hi and welcome to PIO! No experiential information from me about surviving on that salary in Sydney as we are still in the UK. But, from what I have read you may struggle on this salary. It all depends on other factors like will your partner work? Where will you live? Close to CBD, suburbs? etc. Sydney is the most expensive city to live in with regard to house prices I believe. I would also be a bit concerned about going on a 457 with young children. It is, as you'll know, a temporary visa with certain conditions if you lose your employment for any reason. I think the last I knew you had 90 days to gain new employment or leave Australia. You note it is their policy and won't change to PR...are you happy with that...i.e. you are going for the experience with no view to making it a permanent move? What type of employment are you in, as the move may be more secure, depending on the industry? I'm sure some more experienced folks will be along in a minute to say a bit more...