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  1. lindapaffey

    Bringing decorative knives into Oz

    Thanks for that help - It is nice to have pics to refer to. I have seen similar knives to my son's in the Pawn shops so know that they could potentially enter My problem is , some need customs clearance and some police clearance. I'm not really sure with some which route I need, Also I don't know if my son has to import or I should export minefield !!
  2. lindapaffey

    Bringing decorative knives into Oz

    I am hoping to emigrate to Cairns QLD next yr. My son is a citizen and also lives in Cairns. He had a decorative knife collection and would like to have it on display in his house in OZ. I have checked the customs and police sites and am a little confused as to whether he should import or can i export. Also I am unsure which knives fall under Customs control and which fall under Police control. I have tried several contact emails from Customs and Police sites and they are just not getting throug. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter
  3. I know the ruling is that you can only buy land to build a house or buy a house that has not been lived in, but does anyone know if you go on a 600 visa whilst waiting for a 143 visa, is the FIRB likely to authorize a purchase of an established property. I am looking at purchasing in Cairns, so don't know if it varies from state to state thanks
  4. lindapaffey

    600 visa info please

    thanks - I thought that but just needed it confirming
  5. lindapaffey

    600 visa info please

    Can anyone tell me please if you are able to buy an established property on a 600 visa and not be liable for FIRB fees