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  1. I am sponsoring my husband for the 309/100 visa to Australia. We are both living in his country of Iran. Its been 12 months since application date and still no word. I would like to know if it would affect the process if I returned home to Australia temporarily to care for my daughter who needs surgery. Our lawyer told my husband that it would be bad if I went home. Can anyone assist me in this matter please. Thank you. Nicole.
  2. Nicoleojaghloo.

    Applying for spouse visa 309/100 from Iran.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi, I am sponsoring my husband for the 309/100 spouse visa. We are living in Iran at present. We have all the documents needed. I met him in Australia when he was on bridging visa E. He was a refugee. He brought me to his country, Iran and I thought it was a better idea to apply offshore. He is yet to obtain his health and police check. He had been in Australia since 2012, and we have been together since January 2016. We married in Australia and here in Iran. My question is, do you think he has a better chance of being granted the visa due to the fact that he lived in Australia for 5 years already, and we both have documents showing the same address we lived at, proving our relationship.?. Also, with Iran in the news lately, do you think Australian immigration would be bias ?. Thanks in advance for any advice. Nicole.