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  1. Mine got refused as well. Retail Manager, NT, LR Country, everything lodged Jan 2017 Reasons given are word for word the same Cippalippa The big boss wants to appeal it as there are genuine mitigating circumstances which weren't considered and i few that we didn't supply evidence on to be fair, BUT i don't know if i can be arsed waiting another year for a yes or no only to have to stick it out another year or 2 to fulfill the visa obligations IF it is approved. The new hot thread here will be AAT timeline for 187 visa refusal from the looks of it. Its particularly unfortunate getting this notice just after Christmas as i have lots of stuff to sell and not long to do it. Might appeal, settle my affairs and then withdraw and go back to Cambodia where its much easier.
  2. Guu

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Onshore workers......If you had known that it would take circa 20 months just to process your visa application in additional to the 2 years you need to work for the sponsoring employer before you can apply for PR - would you have gone for this visa? Assuming your application is approved, even within an 18 month time frame, it still adds an additional year at best to the whole process - at least to applicants that applied prior to 2017. I don't think i would have...
  3. Guu

    I quit my job in bridging visa

    How long has the completed application been with the DIBP and what was the estimated processing time when you submitted it?
  4. Guu

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes i can tell by reading this thread that some poor buggers have been waiting longer than me. Stressing at bit approaching the 12 month point i can only imagine how some of you must feel. Its very unsettling knowing that any day now you could get an email saying you have been denied and have 28 days to sell all your belongings and vacate the country! My point regarding the timeline was has anyone kept a record of which month the processing time increased and by how many months it increased by say over the last 24 months?
  5. Guu

    187 Visa Processing Time

    You could check in the attached documents, form 1404 is the rcb - at least for me. My MA insisted on getting the RCB before applying for the visa so both the RCB and completed application form was submitted together along with all documents in one hit on the 17th January 2017 - my status just says received. I've never heard anything back from DIBP. I'm onshore and have been working for the company who is sponsoring me as a retail manager running their shop in remote NT. Transitioning from a working holiday 419 visa. Has anyone been keeping a record of how the processing time has increased? i know in january when i applied it was 6 months
  6. Guu

    Super account

    Can't help but feel I'm being taken for a mug with my super annuation account. I received my statement a few days ago and I've been charged 202.10 and earnt 239.16 over a 6 month period. This is on a current balance of 8k Just doesn't sound good to me, what do you guys reckon.
  7. Guu

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Does time spent working for nominating employer count towards the 2 year commitment whilst on bridging visa?