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  1. Just 4 weeks and we are ready (ish) to head home

    Hi Marisawright, Yes, we did discuss look at renting the house out but when we looked at others' properties that are currently rented out around here most of them are not looked after at all and the yards all let go - hate to think what the insides are like... It kind of scared us to be honest, that we would find our house in a poor condition afterwards. We are kind of resigned to being stuck here... over the tears and disappointment stage, and just hoping a miracle might happen. Have to keep smiling !
  2. Just 4 weeks and we are ready (ish) to head home

    Yes, you have a good point bristolman. We're all different. Personally I would never have left our own country in the first place - but didn't have a lot of say in the matter, being just a little 'un at the time... I have always missed it... Left school, went to work, saved like mad to get a ticket home. Had been missing my grandfather so much it was almost unbearable.... Finally saved enough, and went home. My grandfather died just before I got there. No words to describe it really... Anyway, to me no matter what, England will always be home and I will always love it. I have dreamt of going now we have no commitments to keep us here anymore, for so long. Still trying to sell the blasted house! If anyone on this forum is a praying person, this might be a good time. I can see no means of selling this house other than with divine intervention. Best wishes to all.
  3. Just 4 weeks and we are ready (ish) to head home

    Best of luck to you and your family Lady Tottington. Can imagine the mixed emotions. Please let us know how it goes and how you feel to be home.
  4. Quality of life for kids

    Hi MissMissingEurope, I hear what you're saying about wanting to go but still feeling doubts due to others' opinions. Personally I don't think this country is any better than anywhere else as far as raising kids is concerned. The western world now seems to be blending into one and Australia is largely adopting American ways, values, morals and habits. There are good things about living here, for sure, but it's not paradise as it's often painted to be and the climate is becoming so hot that in the not too distant future large chunks of it will be uninhabitable. We now have regular blocks of summer when the temps stay in the mid 40's. When I was a kid 30 was considered a heatwave. Not any more. I too have lived in WA and felt cut off from not only the world but also from the rest of the country. I hope you arrive at the decision which is best for your family, despite others' views - including mine! Wish you all the very best.
  5. Dilemma whether to stay or go

    That's so exciting Tricky. Wish you and your family all the very best. Lots of happy times ahead.
  6. Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Hello Tricky, I really sympathise with that feeling of uncertainty as to what's best for your family and whether you should go back or stay in SA. Personally, I would certainly go. Bonds with extended family can't really be forged easily when the visits are few and far between, and your daughter is just a tot, so it would be really lovely for her to grow up knowing her extended family. I was a child of a migrant family back decades ago, and we always missed our grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins so much. Whenever there were weddings or other special family occasions we were always the ones who were stuck here unable to go, and to some extent it affects your identity because you're cut off from your relatives and feel removed from the clan, if you know what I mean. We missed out on lots being so far away from everyone else we loved. Living 30-50 minutes away is nothing, given the distances we all do living in Australia. I travel an hour to the nearest major town. So personally, I say Go, and rejoin your family. Life's so short.... and the need to belong is so important. All the best!!
  7. Stuck forever in Oz...

    Wonderful. Thank you Newjez. The paint pots idea is really smart. I haven't heard of it before.
  8. Stuck forever in Oz...

    This is fabulous info Marisawright. Thank you! We had a massive cull and garage sale a few months ago, so we've dealt with the clutter, but looking around I think I can improve further on it. So empty is good. And here's me thinking I should put something in the second living area so it doesn't look so naked. It's empty at the moment except for a bookcase. Lol. I'll put in place all these suggestions. Here's hoping. Thank you for bothering to pass on all this helpful stuff. Very much appreciated.
  9. Stuck forever in Oz...

    That's good (about the cats). Yes, won't get another dog in the short term. Still missing the one I lost too much, but one day... Yes, I organised a shipper and got the rabies needles done a few months ago. We thought we'd be in England by early December last year. Lol.
  10. Stuck forever in Oz...

    That's really nice to hear. My little dog died 15 weeks ago but we have 2 indoor cats (indoor because we love the birds too!) and I miss my dog terribly. Loved her to bits... Anyway we thought we'd go to one of the rescue places and get an older dog in need of a loving home, but with the house not selling we don't know whether we're Arthur or Martha. I like your rental idea. Would they also allow 2 cats in a rental do you think? One of them is 13 and we've had her since kittenhood. We could never part with them. Rentals in NY seem to be quite expensive from my research this morning. I might broaden the search. Thanks Verystormy. Appreciate your input.
  11. Stuck forever in Oz...

    O! No worries, thanks Ali.
  12. Stuck forever in Oz...

    I wasn't aware there is a real estate page here. How do I send you a private message? I'm not terribly savvy technologically. Can you outline steps? Thanks!
  13. Stuck forever in Oz...

    Thanks for the encouragement bristolman. My spirits have plummeted I'm afraid but you're right, we have to keep hoping. I think when your house takes so long to sell you feel as though you're in limbo and everything is on hold. I don't feel as if it's going to happen at all now. We're kind of resigned to that depressing fact. Hope against hope we're wrong.
  14. Stuck forever in Oz...

    Sounds great. And they let you have your little dog there?