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  1. Trying to sell house still

    Very reassuring bristolman, thank you. Lovely that your family all love it in England - especially the children having adjusted to well. Yes, my brother's house sold immediately too, yet we are struggling to sell ours. We live in a country town here homes are less in demand, so prices are far lower than the cities and there aren't as many buyers. I hover between excitement at the prospect of going home, and anxiety, so your positive words are most welcome. Thank you.
  2. Trying to sell house still

    Dear Backtodemocracy and LKC, thank you both for your really great hints on selling. I've certainly done some of what you suggest, and we have a neat, clean and tidy house that has a lot of character but there are things that could be done to improve it. We don't live in the city. We live in a smallish town several hours from the city, and our town is not exactly in demand, which I think partially accounts for its slowness to sell although not entirely. I like your idea of comparing it to others of similar value in our locality. LKC I was very heartened to read the final words in your post that relayed you were sure you have done the right thing. I have been youtubing my home town in England for years and just wishing we could go. When the house sells it will be surreal to be able to just go. I appreciate your input. Many thanks.
  3. Trying to sell house still

    I can see how that must be tough, never having everyone you love in the one place. I hope your 27 yo girl decided to move to UK too. It would be so nice for you. We went through a similar scenario. Came here as children, left behind grandparents and other relatives that we loved and never saw again. I hope people who are thinking of migrating think it through and don't suffer the misery my family did. It's easier now though, to travel, than it was back then, so going back is possible for most people. One of my siblings went back a year ago and absolutely loves being home. His house sold really fast. Unlike mine ! Lol !! I'd love to hear how you get on - you only have 2 months to wait. Hope it's all fantastic.
  4. Trying to sell house still

    I wish you all the very best Nijallo. It is a very big step, but you are right when you say you knew it was the right thing to do - it's just something you feel inside isn't it. I share your view. Like you I have never belonged here and that sense of belonging is so important. March 1st is very soon. You must be excited. If our house sells I will be buying my ticket too. All the very best to you and your family.
  5. Trying to sell house still

    Thanks for your comments Verystormy. Can you please explain a little further what you mean about completing it from the UK? I don't quite understand what that's about. I was going to take a trip, a flying visit, to UK when we have a contract on our house, and find one to buy. How did you find it when you got home? Are you happy to be back?
  6. Trying to sell house still

    Thank you Toots. I really hope you're right !
  7. Trying to sell house still

    I don't know if anyone has been in this position... would welcome others' thoughts and experiences. We're desperately trying to sell house to return home. It's been nearly 6 months and nothing promising on the horizon so far. Am wondering if it will ever sell, and also wondering whether it was just a silly dream thinking I could go home after so many decades of living in this country which has never been home for any of us. Should have done it earlier but elderly parents, kids' education, lack of funds... etc etc always something prevented us taking the step. I am also a bit nervous that when I get there I will be considered a foreigner. Am rather ashamed that I don't know much British history, never having learnt it here. Not sure whether I'm being a total idiot in doing this, but somehow I just have to go home. I don't want to die here. I don't belong here. Can anyone else relate or am I an absolute alien??
  8. Going home

    Hi Taff, Just want to wish you all the best with your move home. Not long to wait now... just a few weeks. We are going home too, as soon as the house sells. Wish it would hurry up. I'll be interested to hear how it goes and what the best things about being back are for you.
  9. So Good To Be Back In The UK

    Yes, I'm sure you're right. It will be a culture shock. We live in the bush. Nothing whatsoever to do here !! Just need to sell the house - easier said than done.
  10. Feeling trapped

    Wow you have a lot on your plate. The situation will change and everything passes, as we all know, but your stress levels are something you can control and I really think you need to do a 10 minute relaxation each day, - relaxing music, sink into comfy chair and focus on breathing slowly in and out. YouTube Bill Douglas Peace As a Running Wave to You - marvelous for relaxation. Your dilemma will change and it will all work out. It's just hard at the moment but that will pass... promise! I wish you all the best. xx
  11. Maisonette

    @vickyplum Thank you, good info! I just learned yesterday what leasehold and freehold are. So many differences. Appreciate your input.
  12. Maisonette

    @The Pom Queen You may well be right !! I've never heard of it, but by the sounds of it I probably wouldn't want one anyway. Think I'll stick to looking for a normal house.
  13. Maisonette

    @The Pom Queen the one I was referring to was in North Yorkshire.
  14. Maisonette

    Hi Gbye Grey Sky, I'm not sure if my response to your answer re maisonettes was submitted properly so repeating it here for safety's sake. Many thanks for your explanation. I am particularly glad you mentioned about caution re neighbor noise, as that would drive me nuts, hearing other people's TVs etc. Thank you!
  15. Maisonette

    Hi everyone, we are looking at houses for sale in England as we'll be going back within next few months. Can anyone tell me please, what is a "maisonette"? Is it half a house?? Or a duplex?? Thank you!