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  1. Feeling trapped

    Wow you have a lot on your plate. The situation will change and everything passes, as we all know, but your stress levels are something you can control and I really think you need to do a 10 minute relaxation each day, - relaxing music, sink into comfy chair and focus on breathing slowly in and out. YouTube Bill Douglas Peace As a Running Wave to You - marvelous for relaxation. Your dilemma will change and it will all work out. It's just hard at the moment but that will pass... promise! I wish you all the best. xx
  2. Maisonette

    @vickyplum Thank you, good info! I just learned yesterday what leasehold and freehold are. So many differences. Appreciate your input.
  3. Maisonette

    @The Pom Queen You may well be right !! I've never heard of it, but by the sounds of it I probably wouldn't want one anyway. Think I'll stick to looking for a normal house.
  4. Maisonette

    @The Pom Queen the one I was referring to was in North Yorkshire.
  5. Maisonette

    Hi Gbye Grey Sky, I'm not sure if my response to your answer re maisonettes was submitted properly so repeating it here for safety's sake. Many thanks for your explanation. I am particularly glad you mentioned about caution re neighbor noise, as that would drive me nuts, hearing other people's TVs etc. Thank you!
  6. Maisonette

    Hi everyone, we are looking at houses for sale in England as we'll be going back within next few months. Can anyone tell me please, what is a "maisonette"? Is it half a house?? Or a duplex?? Thank you!
  7. So Good To Be Back In The UK

    @Home and Happy Thank you. I am so glad to hear comments like yours. I am, above everything else, looking forward to being in my own country.
  8. So Good To Be Back In The UK

    @bunbury61 Yes, I agree with what you say. There's also an element of anxiety in that we've lived here so long now, what if I get home and feel like an alien. O well I've felt like an alien a lot of the time here too. Maybe I am one!
  9. Temporary rental in Scarborough

    @VERYSTORMY Appreciate that, thank you!
  10. Temporary rental in Scarborough

    We are moving back to North Yorkshire (Scarborough specifically) as soon as our house sells. Does anyone have any suggestions re finding interim accommodation for the gap between arriving in England and being able to move into the house we will buy? It's complicated by the fact we'll have 2 cats and a dog with us. I'm assuming we'll be able to board them somewhere. Has anybody else been in this situation? All ideas / suggestions gratefully received.
  11. So Good To Be Back In The UK

    That is so encouraging to hear. Thank you! We are returning as soon as the house is sold. Animals are all organized to go too and we're selling just about everything. I have waited many many decades for this. Couldn't go as parents were elderly and we couldn't leave them. Now I'm elderly too but better late than never. Australia is a good country and many Brits feel a sense of belonging here but I just didn't.... One of my siblings has already gone back and he said it's the most magical feeling to know he's back where he belongs and doesn't have to miss it any more!!!