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  1. Thanks for summing up the exact overall point of my post.... Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  2. 189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Form 1221 is more of the same questions, most of them are covered in form 80 Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  3. Where have all the visa grants gone?!

    I suspect it's immitracker, just google it. The sample of people on there is poor in my opinion so I personally don't use it. It can be helpful for a very loose guide on where EOI's are at or visa grants are but the forums fill that purpose close enough for me. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  4. As someone who's applying to move the other way I think you've made a mistake. One of the best cities in the world for the U.K. (which I've really grown to hate)! However, that's my opinion and I can list 10+ countries I'd choose over the U.K.! Everyone on here will have their opinion based on their circumstances and their view of the world. The truth is we're all different and all want different things. Some live in Australia and love it, some tried it and came back. Only you can determine which you think is better for your family! We all tend to look back at things more fondly than they actually were but you've tried both so you're in a great position to decide once the emotions of coming back have settled down. You've decided to come back so give it time, you can always go back to Australia if you feel the same in a years time. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  5. Small pensions

    Thanks, very helpful! How about withdrawing it all as a lump sum? I don't really want to leave it in the U.K. separate from everything I'd plan to have in AUS (unless it's really financially the best option). I plan to travel for a few months before I move to Australia so would I get the 25% tax free then the 75% would be mostly take up by my personal allowance for the pro rata couple of months (I wouldn't be working) given it's a small amount? I would presumably be subject to the same rules when I retire anyway so as far as I can tell there's no disincentive to doing that financially? (besides the impact on my retirement fund) Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  6. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    DIBP don't assess it till after you submit but the healthcare place is obliged to tell you if you have a medical condition you don't know about and requires treating therefore you have a reasonable degree of certainty by doing it up front. That combined with the time benefits make it a no brainer for me personally. I can understand why some may need the full 12 months but it's certainly not one advice fits all Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  7. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    Each individual needs to make the informed choice on whether to do them before based on own circumstances, if you do and load all the potential forms they ask for then you can get a direct grant and it speeds up the process. My understanding is they changed the process so you don't have a specific CO anymore so if the CO asks for any information related to your application it goes to the back of the queue until another CO picks it up. I thought this opinion was well established now as I've seen it in numerous locations/forums? The risk of course is that if you are outside the 12 months then you may have to redo them or you have very little time to get to Australia. The only guidance DIPB gives on it is if you have submitted your visa application then wait for CO to ask otherwise you are free to use my health deceleration process. What is your source for it not speeding up the process and is it recent? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  8. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    Yeah a lot of people are stuck on 70 and unless they submitted it in early 2017 they're unlikely to get an invite in this quota. I'm just happy I've gone over the 5 year experience mark now so just need them to sort the current fake EOI issue out to get an invitation hopefully.
  9. I have a mastercard credit card that I pay no interest/fees on (assuming I pay it off straight away). How does moneycorp exchange rates compare to mastercard at any given time and why shouldn't I use my UK card to pay for everything (food, clothes, tickets etc) I need in Australia for the first six months? In the above I'm ignoring the amount I'll have to transfer for rent, bills etc which would presumably need to come out an Australian bank account + I understand I would be taking a risk on potential swings on exchange rate over that time. I'm just trying to work out whether I should split my money 50:50 like this or whether I should transfer all with moneycorp/another company when it comes time to move.
  10. I'm 27 and have a relatively small pension (no more than a few thousand), is there any benefit to moving it to Australia or just leave it in the UK? Should I just stop paying into it now purely from the perspective of moving to Australia next year or is moving to Australia irrelevant in the decision?
  11. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    I'm in the same boat, I have 75 at 12th September. On another forum migration agents have said they have been asked to send details of clients who will be losing points before the 18th October round and have mentioned that DIBP will issue manually until the problems have been resolved. It's not clear whether that means only people who are losing points will be invited manually or everyone and how much of a delay we can expect vs normal skill select rounds! Really hoping it'll be resolved soon, I'm sat in limbo about whether to get medicals and police checks done!