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  1. Hi everyone, Just prepping to move in a few weeks and wondering what original paperwork people generally need in Australia? I have taken color scans of everything so only after things that I need the original copy of (other than passport and visa) e.g. Birth certificate, degree certificate, professional qualification certificates, any driving related stuff etc I'm taking advantage of the break from working and traveling on the way down so I'd ideally leave originals with family if possible
  2. m90

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    That's a generic time based on the latest 75-90 percentile timeframes. It depends on your circumstances partly, how quickly they can check what you've claimed, loading everything upfront, how quick you respond to case officer etc. The very quickest people getting granted are at a bit over 2 months since lodge date at the moment.
  3. m90

    189 Visa when is next Invitation due???

    There was a round today, the unofficial movement for accounting appears to be somewhere on the 15th Sept at 75 points (early hours have been invited but others not) from other forums so 11 day movement including 3 weeks of 80+ pointers. The previous estimate of 12-15 day movement on a two week round gap appears to be holding at the moment so think you will still have a couple of rounds to wait if it continues as it is at the moment.
  4. m90

    189 Visa when is next Invitation due???

    There's been no invites so far in November for 189, there was speculation that there would be a round today but it didn't happen. Everyone is waiting for official confirmation from DIPB when it will be. I expect they'll announce something soon. I'm waiting in accounting as well and based on 14th October I think you'll be waiting several more rounds based on recent trends (I think it's about 29 day movement in the last two rounds at 75 and it's 4th September cutoff at the moment) so at a guess id say maybe 3-4 rounds but there's been so much disruption in accounting lately nothing would surprise me.
  5. m90

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    Who said I knew more? I asked people to present a balanced argument of their experiences. Where was the balance in your first post? you basically ran through a list of negatives for everything he's looking for. If you genuinely can't be balanced and feel Melbourne is that bad then stay away and let people present balanced views. I stay away from the moving to the U.K. threads for that reason, I'd really struggle to say anything positive about it. I have a stable job and I know people here might be about my limit of positivity or should I spread all my unbalanced negativity over people in U.K. threads? Really? And we're all clones so it's bound to happen to his OH? We know nothing of his OH, likes/dislikes, personality, family situation etc etc to make any judgement close to 'the marriage is probably doomed' if you go. The definition of negativity, most of us fear the unknown and apprehensive about what might happen, this is normal but none of us know anything about OH to know whether that will turn to like/dislike.
  6. m90

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    I wasn't referring to all people on the forum, I was referring to every post so far had told him not to go, the lifestyles crap, you won't be able to afford to live properly, the weather isn't better (compared to the U.K.? Really?), your other half won't take to it (how does anyone here know that?) etc where was the balanced advice? (I see someone else has posted some now) People have been prejudiced to what they've done. I'm unashamedly pro Oz but I also point out the negatives and not push my viewpoint on people without being balanced in it, we aren't living our own lives again through another. None of us know what he and his family main priorities are but we can tell him Melbourne's crap and the U.K. is much better?
  7. m90

    Cost of living in Melbourne

    I see the U.K. brigade are out in force on this thread. I'm making the same move hopefully, I've been and I love it in Melbourne, it's my favorite city in the world (from where I've visited). I do agree 85k in Melbourne vs 50k in the U.K. wont get you out on the winning side financially. It depends what you spend your money on in the U.K. but I did a detailed budget of everything I spend here vs equivalent in Australia, id advise doing the same as it will level your expectations financially rather than getting there and being disappointed. Places are what you make of them ultimately and Melbourne is everything I love about a place and the U.K. is becoming everything I hate. It's your choice, don't let everyone here put you off or tell you it'll solve all your problems because only you can decide that. Do your own planning on work life balance, financially, family etc as everyone's circumstances are different. There are people here who love the U.K. and people who love Australia, only you can decide which you are!
  8. Accounting doesn't require experience but good luck getting the points without significant experience! We are treading water at 75 points at the minute. My advice would be to stay away from the pro rata occupations as you'll end up needing more points and I don't think any are close fit to what you want to do. Just have a look down the list and see if there's anything that's a close fit? Alternatively get advice from a Migration agent to see whether they can suggest any routes for you Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  9. m90

    60 point invitation 189

    I don't think accountants were doubled this round, we had a manual invite on the Monday (16th/17th?) because we didn't get invited in 4th October round. I'm not sure but this should have been relating to 4th round rather than double for the 18th. We then had the normal round on the 18th to catch us back up again. If it was a double round then in theory all other occupations had an additional 239 invites on 4th October and therefore that rounds results were skewed due to no accountants Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  10. Thanks for summing up the exact overall point of my post.... Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  11. m90

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Form 1221 is more of the same questions, most of them are covered in form 80 Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  12. m90

    Where have all the visa grants gone?!

    The sample of people on there is poor in my opinion so I personally don't use it. It can be helpful for a very loose guide on where EOI's are at or visa grants are but the forums fill that purpose close enough for me. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  13. As someone who's applying to move the other way I think you've made a mistake. One of the best cities in the world for the U.K. (which I've really grown to hate)! However, that's my opinion and I can list 10+ countries I'd choose over the U.K.! Everyone on here will have their opinion based on their circumstances and their view of the world. The truth is we're all different and all want different things. Some live in Australia and love it, some tried it and came back. Only you can determine which you think is better for your family! We all tend to look back at things more fondly than they actually were but you've tried both so you're in a great position to decide once the emotions of coming back have settled down. You've decided to come back so give it time, you can always go back to Australia if you feel the same in a years time. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. m90

    Small pensions

    Thanks, very helpful! How about withdrawing it all as a lump sum? I don't really want to leave it in the U.K. separate from everything I'd plan to have in AUS (unless it's really financially the best option). I plan to travel for a few months before I move to Australia so would I get the 25% tax free then the 75% would be mostly take up by my personal allowance for the pro rata couple of months (I wouldn't be working) given it's a small amount? I would presumably be subject to the same rules when I retire anyway so as far as I can tell there's no disincentive to doing that financially? (besides the impact on my retirement fund) Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  15. m90

    No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    DIBP don't assess it till after you submit but the healthcare place is obliged to tell you if you have a medical condition you don't know about and requires treating therefore you have a reasonable degree of certainty by doing it up front. That combined with the time benefits make it a no brainer for me personally. I can understand why some may need the full 12 months but it's certainly not one advice fits all Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz