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  1. ellemorrison


    I applied offshore in Paris before I came to Auz. This means i’ve been dealing with Australian immigration in Europe not here in Auz. As a matter of fact my CO was from Spain, where the people living in France ought to apply. I had to inform him that I was on ‘holiday’ in Australia. This is why he wrote to me to have me leave Auz before he could grant It.
  2. ellemorrison


    Thank you. Yes I was onshore on a visitor’s Visa....subclass 600. Didn’t want to be away from my partner, who had to start a new job in Sydney at the time of application.
  3. ellemorrison


    Yasss and you were right. Thank you for your support. I got the Partner (Subclass 100) visa granted soon as I left Australia. What a relief. It took just 4 months, It’s amazing. Xx
  4. ellemorrison


    Thank you for your prompt response. Really appreciate it. TITLE OF EMAIL FROM CO- A Partner Combined (Full Fee) (UF309/BC 100) This is what he wrote word for word; Please note that your Partner subclass 309/100 visa is now ready to be granted. As you are aware, you must depart Australia for this visa to be granted. You do not need to travel all the way back to Europe and could remain in the region. I would suggest you leave Australia for at least 3 days, during the week and not on public holidays where the Australian Embassy in Madrid is closed, refer to: Thanks Elida
  5. ellemorrison

    Tourist visa 600 while waiting for Partner Visa

    Thanks for your advice. My PV is ready for grant. Got the email today. Just need to leave Auz to NZ for a few days and get it.
  6. Hello I would like to thank everyone here who was so supportive to my visa application process. I got an email last night saying that my Partner Combined 309/100 is ready for grant. Yes, its taken just 4 months and to think I did not really know what the heck I was doing!!! ( Applied myself online) Because I applied offshore, I have to leave Australia where am currently on a visitor's visa. Thank God I can go to New Zealand and no need to go back to Europe. My question is has anyone done this before? How did you manage it? Happy to go to NZ for a few days. Also, I applied for the PV based on the fact that we had been in a defect relationship for over 3 years with solid evidence. Anyone know how I can apply for my Permanent visa (100)? Or at least when can I start this process after the 309 is granted? Thank you Elida
  7. ellemorrison

    100 GRANTED

    Hello Congratulations to you and yours!!! What a relief this must be for you. I would be grateful to get advice from you. I have a British passport and I applied for my Partner Visa offshore in Paris, where I was living in the last few years. I had been with my Australian partner for just over 3 years. I applied on 20th Nov 2017. I 'm currently in Australia on a visitor's visa. Came so I can wait for the process here. My CO wrote to me that a Partner Combination Visa 309/ 100 is ready for grant. I have to leave Australia to get it. Thats all good and I have no prob going to NZ to get it. Do you know how I get my Permanent Visa 100? I don't think I have to wait 2 years but is there a process for this? We submitted very solid evidence to prove we have been living together and in a de facto relationship for over 3 years. Any helpful tips will be appreciated Thank you Elida
  8. ellemorrison

    Biometrics for Partner visa (Offshore application)

    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. Just called them. Ha! In the usual French stylee, got a very unhelpful human on the phone. But hey, I’ve lived in France and I know the score when it comes to service! (Appalling!!) Waiting on CO and he has been very kind so far. He should hopefully give me an address of where I can do this. I must say, the Australian Immigration people are super helpful and understanding! It’s refreshing???
  9. ellemorrison

    Biometrics for Partner visa (Offshore application)

    Hello Thank you. I have done my medical and yes you are right. I did them here in Auz. Biometrics are a different thing. It’s a digital photograph and finger prints of mine. Even though I don’t need to do them cuz am British, I lived in France for 10 yrs as a resident. So I need to do. Contacted CO and he said to find a Biometrics center here. Whatever that means. Maybe I can do them with any center. I will ask for clarification. At least he got back with some positive news!! ??
  10. ellemorrison

    Biometrics for Partner visa (Offshore application)

    Cold, cold, cold! Just like London. I find Paris prettiest in the autumn and winter!
  11. Hello My partner and I applied for my partner visa end of Nov 2017 in Paris, where we’d been living for 10 years. My partner is Australian. The issue is I was contacted by my CO to request for Biometrics. This is because I had been living in France. I ‘m currently in Auz on a year long tourist visa. I went to the visa office today to see if I can do the Biometrics there and I was told NO! It had to be Paris! Surely, they can do have me do it here right. I really don’t want to have to go all the way to Paris for this. So stupid I have contacted the CO about this. What do you guys think?
  12. ellemorrison

    Tourist visa 600 while waiting for Partner Visa

    Thank you. I just realised that the Visitor Visa 600 that I applied for online does not necessarily let me stay for 12 months continuously. I also run the risk of not having a CO allocated by the time I DECIDE to go to Australia. This is truly stressful. What is the best thing to do in my situation? Maybe consult a migration agent. Pffffff. Anyway, thank either way x
  13. Hello Somebody with knowledge please advise. I'm a stressed out Brit living in Paris, France with my Australian Partner. We are in a de facto relationship. Been living together for over 4yrs now. He has been offered a job in Sydney, Australia and we plan to move over there in 2 months time. 3 days ago, i applied for a tourist visa (subclass600) so that I can be with my partner while we wait for the processing of my Partner Visa. I intend to lodge the Partner Visa in the next few days offshore, here in Paris before we leave. I understand that I wont be able to work or have rights while on this tourist visa 600. I also understand that I have to leave Australia to be granted the Partner Visa when processed. I was told by someone on these forums that as a British citizen, it was best to go for an ETA and apply for the Partner Visa onshore. I'm afraid waiting till we get to Australia is risky and my documents will be a little dated. I have all my documents and evidence ready to apply for the Partner onshore. Anyway, its too late now, I have already applied for the Tourist Visa 600. Have a completely messed up?